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How did you discover G1?

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Re: How did you discover G1?

Postby Blademan91 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:48 am

I got introduced to G1 through online episodes and music on transformers.com near the end of Beast Wars.

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Re: How did you discover G1?

Postby cyberwuss » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:48 pm

Some of the new to G1 or left for a long time stories make me appreciate some of my awesome G1 stuff I managed to save for so long a bit more heh. I suppose I've been with it from the start, I am 26 years old right now, and my earliest memories come from a time right after the G1 movie hit VHS, but they still reran the shows many times on TV as well. The toys were still wildly popular and I have had a likeness of the franchise for as long as I can remember. I have lost a few of my older G1 items and a few accessories from different things (original g2 laser optimus prime sword that was clear and lights up from an LED in his fist *frown*) but I guess the memories I have will always make up for that. The only series I didn't get into heavily was Beast Wars (I only own a few toys from that one) and while I watched the shows a long long time ago I really need a refresher and didn't get to see the end, mostly just the first season in its original run. I can remember being awed by the transformers section at TRU back in the 80s when they would line up some of the most classic TF toys ever produced. Then it all slowly went away for a few years... I was disappointed for a long time after G1 and G2 were over. I got a little excited about Beast Wars, but something about it wasn't the same and I didn't get deeply into it like I mentioned before. The interesting part of my story with Transformers probably comes from right after the internet boom in the mid 90s when it was all new and exciting to visit web pages every chance you could get. I discovered by searching for Transformers that there was a decent fanbase still going dedicated to the different lines. Then around 1998, I found out about Unicron.com and it became my favorite thing to browse and follow links from for a long long time. There were other sites of course, but this one was the best and I am still grateful for it and what other sites like it have done by carrying the torch for the franchise while it was questionable if it would ever remember its roots and get back to its original glory from G1 (those of you who weren't there have no idea how big it was unless you watch some of the documentaries on different DVDs from the last few years) so I stuck to this favorite website of mine as an often visited bookmarked place for many years knowing that one day the internet fanbase would lead to something bigger. I never really participated in conversations with other fans for about 10 years, then around the first Bay movie I decided to start taking part on unicron.com, and it spread out to several other sites from there. At the moment however I mostly spend my time in TF zone here, occasionally stopping by allspark.com and seibertron.com. I find those 3 sites combined with the official hasbro page give me all I need to stay in the zone with it. I guess the odd thing is I follow fanpages alot, but I don't do alot of online shopping. I have a total of about 3 things that were obtained online related to Transformers lol. So ya, I remember when Gobots were still somewhat popular, and how Transformers totally annihilated that fame. I suppose I helped some, I still have only one Gobots kids book and a few pieces of other Gobots that I put under Generations Megatron from WFC now and then as his cannon fodder when I feel in the mood. In comparison, I have about 10 G1 books I bought back when it was the thing to have, and about 150 G1 toys that were bought by me before 1990. To finish off, I will say that I never thought I would see a better series than G1 until animated happened, man that was amazing, to anyone working for hasbro who might be reading this: Where is the transformers: animated complete series dvd pack!?!?!? (including season 3 of course) haha! The only disappointment I had with animated was the lack of combiner teams, which they teased us with by including constructicons. It would have been awesome to see animated _combining_ stunticons/combaticons/constructicons/and maybe protectobots in the show, but that is seriously the only improvement it could have seen that I can imagine - the only thing that could possibly rival it is the greatness of the WFC video game, but since it didn't have a show with it Animated wins!
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Re: How did you discover G1?

Postby Agent X » Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:19 pm

I got hooked by watcing The Movie almost every weekend when i has young. That was until my parents got tired of watching it and they said i could only rent it once a year.
Years latter i go ta PS2 and bought The Movie as my first DVD
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Re: How did you discover G1?

Postby Unicron fan » Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:45 pm

Several years ago, back in the 80's, while I still was a kid, I was visiting a friend of mom's. I was allowed to play with several of her kids' toys, and I remember I got curious on this truck that could change into a robot. I was totally fascinated by that toy, and transformed it several times, and I was also disappointed of that the other cars didn't transform. It took me a few years to understand that the truck that could change into a robot, was named Optimus Prime and was a being of the race known as Transformers. Then I saw parts of episodes some years later (due to Norway sending episodes of scifi at various times, it was impossible for me to get the entire episodes), some from G1, and others from Armada and Energon. My first complete look on Transformers came in 2007 with Michael Bay's movie. Then, I started watching the Unicron Trilogy earlier this year, and got the movie from 86 in April. The movie from 86 was my first complete look at G1. :smile:
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Re: How did you discover G1?

Postby lioconvoy » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:10 am

i am loving the stories on hear. hear's mine then

it all started when i was about 7 or 8. i was visiting a friend who had been given a transforming car for his birthday. i now know that car was deadend from the original stunticons.
I loved that figure and each time i whent over i asked to play with it.
eeventually, i was told by a friend of my parants that that car was from a series called transformers. he gave me a video of transformers the movie which i whached over and over. After that, i was given an optimus prime g1 figure from that same family friend. i loved that toy so my hunt continued.
at that point, thrue watching cartoons i found beast wars and i loved the series and the beast machines and rid also. i still didn't completely understand the back story and i still didn't get what was so important about optimus prime's death in the movie.
i watched armada, energon and was finally able to get that rodimus figure i had wanted since g1 but didn't know why he was different. cybertron i didn't like that much because it wasn't the proper optimus prime i remembered and no rodimus.
i braut toys from different shows now and again and those are the most prized of my possessions.
then, round about 2007 i was given a computer for christmas and i whent on to wikipedia, the wiki's youtube etc to findout more about the brand. i lurned more and more and i got deeper in to the fan base and then braut the g1 dvds aswell as the movie which i remembered watching for loving so so much.
one day i was looking for information on unicron and i stumbled on to unicron.com and after a couple of years of looking and being interested, i started contributing and my interests grew from that but rite in the center of my fanboy heart is the 19866 movie.
from my love of that simple movie i became enraptured in a fan base that is in constant flux, with numerous new and stunned kids becomming interested. yeah things change including the back stories and the caricters but at the heart of it all are those transforming cars, planes and trucks that i remember as a child.
now i am 22 and i am still colecting, my wife knows that when we have kids, i will introduce them to the brand and g1 in particular.
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