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Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

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Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby starry* *night » Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:57 am

I read through all the threads and there was one seeking unused names for fanmade story
so I got to hear about some original characters.

I think I have 18 characters I made up.
I think I made unused names and I was trying to do the G1 style
I know what Type\Makes most of them are but I need to absorb myself a bit in Transformer mechanics and do fully finished drawings of them.

Anybody else got some?

My favorite idea was Cybertron's moons being Guardians for the planet,
good-guy affiliated characters but the knowledge of them had been lost.
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starry* *night
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Re: Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby Wing Saber » Sat Oct 22, 2011 1:33 pm

I have plenty of made up characters, of which I use in my Transformers RP! :mrgreen:
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Wing Saber
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Re: Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby starry* *night » Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:51 pm

Wanna tell us about your favorite?
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starry* *night
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Re: Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby Wing Saber » Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:18 pm

Let's see...
I can't pick one so I'll tell a few
Name: Dirt Boss

Allegiance: Decepticon

Team: Combaticons

History: Dirt Boss was the very first to enlist when the call went out, and after he proved loyal, deadly, and determined he was granted his own team, The Combaticons, a team of high class soldiers. He has proved himself in many battles, and was granted the rank of General

Personality: loyal, determined, and deadly in battle

Weapon of choice: arm mounted Guass cannon

Alt Mode: M12G1 Light Anti-Armor Vehicle - "Warthog Guass" (from Halo)

Extra: None

Name: Volt

Allegiance: none

Planet: No permanent home, travels alot.

Species: Transformer (sort of)

Team: none

History: Volt was a warrior on Calingo through their own great war, but was kidnapped by the rising Decepticons. Cyrotek had an experiment planned that he would use against the Autobots. The ultimate weapon, he called it. Unfortunatly, the memory-wiping process was unsuccessful, and Volt attacked his "creators" afterwards. The expirement allowed him to take ANY alt mode in his data-banks and gave him telekenesis, but left him without form. Volt has now sworn revenge on ALL Cybertronians

Personality: Keeps to himself, out for revenge

Weapon of choice: telekinesis, Pure energy blasts from his hands (weapon from before experiment), alt mode weapons

Alt Mode: any in his data-banks

Extra: Robot mode is that of BM Megatron from the beginning, except without wires.

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Wing Saber
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Re: Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby starry* *night » Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:26 pm

Volt sounds like fun

I don't RPG so I don't have properly developed backstories on mine
just concepts and appearances.

So 2 favorites or have you got more ?
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starry* *night
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Re: Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby Unicron fan » Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:52 pm

I have a few fanmades myself. :grin:

Here's my favorite:

Name: Sirius

Size: Large Deluxe

Allegiance: Autobot

Planet: Cybertron

Species: Transformer

History: Sirius has always been fascinated by space and what was out there. Early on he studied the starts through a makeshift telescope, until he got the job as an astronomer. He often sent hours alone watching the planets, comets, etc.
Then the war came, he signed up for the Autobots but he did also not leave his job as an astronomer. Instead, it was something he did then he wasn't out on a mission.
He has fought bravely in many battles, never wanting to give up. There hasn't been few battles he has come out of there he has been injured, sometimes even critically.
Recently he has been fighting the Scrapmetals alongside the other Autobots.

Personality: Brave, quiet, tend to stay for himself then not in combat. He often studies the stars, taking his job as an astronomer seriously. In combat he is a force to be reckoned with. Fast and agile.

Weapon of choice: Energon swords (coming out of his palms like Optimus Prime in "Revenge Of The Fallen"), and twin Energon rifles (hidden under the hood then in alt. mode).

Alt Mode: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (the type of car Soundwave was in DOTM)

Extra: I am not sure on the name, but if it works, I'll keep it. His robot mode is like Jazz, just with a head like G1 Ratchet.


Name: Discord

Size: Large Deluxe

Allegiance: Chaos

Planet: Cybertron

Species: Transformer

History: Then Sirius was hired by Unicron, he became Discord. Discord's work for Unicron is to be a spy and manipulate the situations to keep the war going. Discord was also ordered to be in disguise, so he still pretend to be Sirius then not with his own.
Discord has been a Herald of Unicron for years now, causing lots of chaos. He sometimes find it hard to keep his disguise as both Autobots and Decepticons are irritating him.
Recently he fought in the Battle of Iacon as Sirius, and got furious then a potential Herald, Sweeper, was killed. He wanted to attack Death Diver for what he did, but the Decepticon left before he could do it. So he targeted the annoying Screwloose, but was interrupted by a command from Unicron telling him to leave the area.
Then Screwloose was taunting him, he almost disobeyed that order, but his fear from what punishment he would get if he did, preventing him from attacking Screwloose. He was happy for that Stoneface and Flank dealt with Screwloose, laughing over the fact they didn't knew they helped an enemy.
Then Discord came to the Makeshift Base, it didn't take long before he was under fire again. He was though reluctant to fire on the Scrapzombies and Scrapmetals, knowing they were creations of his master. But he also needed to keep his disguise, and he heard a reassuring word from Unicron that he could fire.
Then as the Scrapmetals were ordered to return to Unicron, Discord too heard from his master that he needed to come as well, so he used the chaos in the camp to silently leave the area and join up with his allies.

Personality: Vicious and lethal. He is also manipulating and sneaky, often working from the shadows, highly aggressive.
He only fears his master; Unicron.

Weapon of choice: His claws and spikes + his Unicronian powers.

Alt Mode: Nighthawk

Extra: He looks similar to his Sirius disguise, but his colors are purple and grey intervened with each-other. And he has slightly curved spikes on his arms and legs. He also have flamey red eyes instead of the blue Sirius has. Discord also has claws and jagged teeth. And Discord is more compact than Sirius.
Discord can use his Unicronian powers to change his appearance at will, with the same powers he can shoot black lightnings, heal quickly and manipulate the surroundings the way you see Fallen does it in ROTF.

Note; Sirius and Discord is the same guy, just thought I should put up it like this so you saw Discord's two sides (Discord being his true form). ;)

PS.: Discord is my favorite fanmade character I play, but my all-time favorite character that I play is not fanmade, and that's Unicron. ;)
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Re: Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby starry* *night » Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:55 pm

It's a neat characters < ok the -s- was a typo but yes

I love the Sirious backstory
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starry* *night
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Re: Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby Unicron fan » Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:58 pm

starry* *night wrote:It's a neat characters < ok the -s- was a typo but yes

I love the Sirious backstory

Thanks. :) If you see in my post up there you see I have edited it to show that even though Discord (Sirius) is my favorite fanmade character, there is another character that I play which is my absolute favorite (though he's not fanmade).
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Unicron fan
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Re: Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby starry* *night » Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:56 pm

I guess I'll launch mine
much shorter on info

if any of the names are previously used please let me know ....?

33+ mostly new names and SHORT Descriptions:


Autizon: a giant BASE character I very much want him in the G1 style

Chargeout: probably a fast sporty car type

Crank: there was nothing more to this than him being an old veteran friend of Kup's

Flatcap: A very solid-built strong squar-ish everywhere Bulldozer

Heavy-Press: a very big serious truck transformer

Re-Pave: this may have been my brother's name idea?

Rims: This is a small red mini-car --; may be used

Sparkstrip: a very fast small car

Spiral: A rather wild light grey helicopter

Static: a jittery mini con blue and grey

Steelback: a huge ship

Stratum: an orange deep digger vehicle

Windtracer: independent good-guy

and I had a full design appearance for a black convoy hauler truck but no name


Diode: Shockwaves mini-con a little heavy black mini-con with a silver cap on his head -- no that's mixing continuities but I did it anyway-
totally uninterested in the decepticon cause

Ditchdragger: the name might say it all -- I'm not keen on a character like this but I thought of the name and it seemed to fit

Downdraft: an INDEPENDENT that shows up on the Decepticon side only from time to time,
very dark colored and sharp and eerie

Grillgrinder: big black and silver wreck of a nasty decepticon

Hardwire: black grey and red boxy shadowy with decepticon leanings

Shaft: white and orange villian helicopter - unreliable

Shale: I believe he was a dark colored jet but I wrote no notes

Tangent: a hard fighting pretty smart and effective helicopter

Waterblade: a slightly oversized boat with double swords attached to the back of both wrists he's a very skilled fighter but not really mean, he probably switched sides or left Cybertron after a very short time as a decepticon

Catchclaw was a re-name for someone

Historical Transformers



Storms Wing

Girls all Autobots

Skim: just a dedicated autobot that focuses on work\missions she's a white space shuttle with double wing structure on her roof - pretty calm attitude

Amp: a small red and white motorcycle quick and effective and often teamed with skim on earth surface missions

Aeroleene: red with white accents angular flight vehicle

Rhythm: white trimmed black futuristic sports car -semi independent

Sumbeam: mainly a reservist soft bright yellow car with a happy attitude

Swirl: a creamsicle orange 30s style hovercar

Prix: slim energetic pink and white

Aerodrome: independent but totally autobot helpful chiefly rose colored armored flight character she's serious and battle focused

Cherry: a slick red hover car

I picked the name Highlight as a RE-NAME for the Omnicon --because the character is too darn different to be 'Arcee'

But I still want to hear everybody else's ! too
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starry* *night
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Re: Anyone else make up their own new TF characters?

Postby ironrod prime » Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:50 pm

i have quite a few myself

Name: animus

Allegiance: autobot

Planet: cybertron

Species: combiner

Team: maximals

History: wingrazor returned from archus having mastered an ancient combining technique known as scramble combine after giving upgrade chips to her teammates syth, splicer, and ironrodimus as well as letting them choose new animal alt modes syth chose a buffalo and renamed himself stampede, splicer chose a cheetah and renamed himself cheetas, and ironrodimus chose a lion in honor of saber prime and renamed himself ironmane and after a brief combining lesson from wingrazor a new autobot combiner emerged and animus was born

Personality: smart, powerful, and agile animus has all of his components abilities including syth's psychic abilities, splicers, bio cables, and of course wingrazor's love of nature

Weapon of choice: a giant sword called goliath, missile racks in his chest, rockets in his wings, and the lion head on his left shoulder can shoot missiles and create tornados(ala lio convoy)

Alt Mode: none

Size: leader

Extra: he looks like a combination of the ninja falcon megazord and the ninja storm megazord

name: noble

size: voyager

planet: velocitron

alliegance: autobot

history: born on velocitron noble was caught in an explosion of a research center in downtown velocitron which rearanged his molocules allowing him to change into a werewolf type creature in addition it also coated him in a strange loobricant that allows him to change his outer form at will years after the explosion he was exploring an old abandone mine when ironrodimus found him noble quickly took a liking to him and latter joined the autobots

team: none

species: beast changer

personality: majestic, cunning, brave, kind

weapons: escentialy nobles whole body is a weapon he can produce numurous melay weapons from his body which he can use to hack, slash, chop, slice, and dice his oponents with in addition his dragon mode can produce flames in varreing degrees from 20 f to 300 f

extra: nobles changing abilities dont come without a price they can be anoyingly and sonetimes excruciatingly painfull

Name: stampede

size: voyagor

Allegiance: Autobot

Team: maximals

History: if you were to look at syth you might think he'd be the kind to steal your wallet or rob a bank but if you got to know him you would realize he was a pretty stand up guy

syth was raised on the streets of planet x where he learned to look after himself he learned to fight from a bot named swayside and eventualy got a job as a universal delivery bot

one day as he was returning from a sucsesfull delivery he incountered a wave surge that knocked him of course and he crashed landed on a planet of space junk where he was found by ironrodimus

syth joined ironrodimuss team as his second in command and he has proven to be a loyal asset to the team

in order to use the scramble combine technique syth had to shed his vehichle mode in favor of an animal one he chose a buffalo and renamed himself stampede

Personality: stampede like many bots has a darkside wich he tends to show on the battle field mercilously carving his enimies into stumps

but he does have a soft side he's been known to crack jokes and pull pranks on unsuspecting bots(autobots and decepticons included) ironmane believes that it is just his way of making himslef feel better after a battle

he see's him self as an older brother figure ro wing razor and watches her back to which she gratefully kicks him in the head

Weapon of choice: stampede can fire plasma missiles from his mouth in both modes as well as weild two battle axes in robot mode

he also poseses mild telekenetic abilities in which he can use to take control of his enimies for brief periods of time

Alt Mode: stampede transforms into a buffalo that can travel at speeds of 60 mph

extra: stampede uses the same mold as beast wars bonecrusher

Name: cheetas

size: big scout

Allegiance: Autobot

Team: maximals

History: splicer was a young hacker from velocitron he could break any fire wall and crack any code his biggest mistake however was trying to take down the autobot defense grid on cybertron where he was caught be saber prime himself and he was placed in maximum security prison

when the war started he was let out as a last ressort and placed under the watch of ironrodimus and under his giudens splicer learned to use his skills to benifet the autobots he later joined the optimals as their technicians expert

in order to use the scramble combine technique splicer had to shed his vehichle mode in favoror of an animal one he chose a cheetah and renamed himself cheetas

Personality: cheetas is a tad anti social and can mostly be found at the maximals base completing charts and working on equipment

he rarely goes on missions and when he does he usualy stays back and lets the others have thier fun

Weapon of choice: cheetas's main weapons are his bio cables that he can fire from either palm end attach themselves to machinery (techno or biological) and drains them of information as well as a plasm cannon which can fire from his chest in cheetah mode and a guantum blaster which can fire from his tail in cheetah mode

he also has two cyber venom tipped energon daggers concealed in his legs

Alt Mode: cheetas transforms into a cheetah that can travel up to speeds of 300 mpr

extra: cheetas uses the cheetor mold

Name: wing razor

size: deluxe

Allegiance: Autobot

team: maximals

History: wing razor was an explorer back an jungle planet she scoward her world looking for adventure so when ironrodimus came there looking for the best it's no suprize that when he left razor wing came along with him

most bots think little of her because of her small frame but for those that know her she is as strong as they come combined with bird like agility she can very well take care of herself and se wont hasitate to prove it

she now works as lead scouting specialist for the optimals which suits her just fine

after being kidnapped by skrewloose and taken back to jungle planet wingrazor has had time to heal and train learning the ways of the scramble combine after months of practice she finaly mastered the technique and was given three upgrade chips and a mini holo projector filled with images of animals indiggenus to the planet

a friend of hers helped her get a ship and with a new fire she set a course for cybertron

Personality: adventurous and passionate wing razor loves nature and will protect it with her life and the only thing she loves more are her new optimal friends splicer, syth, and of course ironrodimus

Weapon of choice: wing razor prefurs hand to hand combat however she does have a few tricks up her sleeve such as dual gatling guns stored on her back as well as rocket launchers stored in her wings

Alt Mode: wing razor transforms into a cybernetic hawk which can fly as far as the clouds and dive at speeds reaching 500 miles an hour

extra: wingrazor uses the same mold as beast wars transmetal airrazor but with the head and arms of the original and no vehichle mode



size: large deluxe

Allegiance: Autobot

Team: maximals

History: before the war ironrodimus was a construction worker named hidimus and he (like his name suggests) was a coward the only reason he got a job in construction was because his friend pulled some strings

when the war started hidimus initially stayed far away from any place that might place him in the line of fire eventually retreating to the safety of his home and he only left his home for work and supplies

late one day while hidimus was at work decepticons raided his home and killed his wife and child

when hidimus came home that night and found his wife and child's bodies among the tarnished remains of his home something just clicked inside his circuits and instantly hidimus ran directly to autobot headquarters and begged the first recruiter he saw to join the autobots the recruiter admired his courage so he let hidimus join

hidimus quickly moved up the ranks becoming one of the greatest autobot warriors of all time

he later changed his name to ironrodimus in honor of two of the greatest autobots who ever lived ironhide and rodimus prime

in order to use the scramble combine technique ironrodimus had to shed his vehichle alt mode in favor of an animal one he chose a lion in honor of saber prime and changed his name to ironmane

Personality:ironmane is brave and honest he fears few things(most of which are iconsequential) and has been known to spare decepticons imminent death upon which they switch sides

Weapon of choice:ironmane uses two double barreled concussion missile launchers which can store in his mane and be used in lion mode he also has retractable blades in his lion legs which he can use as arm swords in robot mode and double as claws in lion mode hecan also use the lion head on his right shoulder to create tornados he can also do this in lion mode

Alt Mode: ironmane transforms into a lion with teeth that can tare through any metal and a mane so thick it doubles as body armor

Extra: ironmane if you havnt guessed by now uses the lio cnvoy mold


Name: screwloose

size: voyager

Allegiance: decepticon

Planet: cybertron

Species: transformer

sub class: tripple changer

History: screwloose was a factory worker from iacon untill an accident accured which left him fatally injured and he almost went offline luckily for him he was selected for an experimental triple changer perseeger wich would give him a new robot and two new alt modes unfortunately the perseeger wasnt a complete sucsess his new bot and vehichle modes worked fine but the perseeger left his mind deranged and psychotic he was locked in a psych ward untill a riot accured that killed several patients and doctors in the confusion screwloose escaped and found his way to the decepticons and has sense been a valuable asset to warmonger and the decepticon cause depending on which of his personalities is in control

Personality: screwloose has three main personalities that dominate his cerebral cortex the first of which is an honerable warrior who even shares some autobot values the second is a deranged psychotic loonatic who periodicly goes into a frenzy and attacks anything that moves but mainly just acts like a complete jack-yack the third is a calm and calculating thinker who some believe represents screwlooses true personality

all of theese rotate in his head constantly staying in controll from anywhere from 5 hours to 5 seconds

Weapon of choice: depending on which personality is in charge

the warrior uses twin cyber kitanas

the loonatic uses his own magno steel claws

and the thinker uses two straxon blasters

Alt Mode: Mitsuoka Orochi /f-22 raptor


Name: sandstinger

size: large deluxe

Allegiance: predicon

Planet of origon: jungle planet

Team: none

History: as second in command sandstinger was happy on jungle planet he served (atleast in his mind) the greatest ruler who ever lived and he got to terrorize the locals whenever he wanted untill one day he was betrayed by the very ruler he had protected for so long he was banished to cybertron and placed on a prisoner transport he escaped the transport upon arivel and lived on the streets where his hatred grew he later joined the decepticons in hopes of one day returning to jungle planet to take his revenge on his former ruler

Personality: angry most of the time and he's only happy when he's ripping apart autobots

Weapon of choice: sandstorm prefers to use his titanium claws and venom tipped tail but if need be he can shoot missiles from his claws and his tail can convert into a scythe

Alt Mode: sandstinger shares the same mold as beastwars scorpinock but with a sea green color scheme
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