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Re: autobot leadership

PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:44 am
by Sabrblade
lioconvoy wrote:in japanese continuity, "car robots" was a continuation from g1/g2. so where does that place fire convoy in the previous list sabrblade?
i am assuming that it would place him after g2 giving us an approximation of leadership up untill the beast erah.
Since Car Robots took place in 2000 (RiD was 2001), its place in the Japanese G1 timeline falls after G1 season 2, after Scramble City, after the Stargate Battles manga, but before the RobotMasters fiction, and before the G1 movie.

Though, due to this retcon, Fire Convoy was the leader of his Dimensional Patrol team during the time of G1 Optimus Prime's command. The reason that none of the G1 guys are around during this time is because they all disappeared after the climax of the Stargate Battles ended. They all either got lost in space or deactivated for a while. They would not return until some point after the Car Robots story would end. Once they did return, the story continued with the RobotMasters fiction.

lioconvoy wrote:also in a previous poast you mentioned that optimus primal was a leader. i'm not sure if that's entirely corect going by japanese continuity.
convoy is a title and it is stated on the transformers wiki that all convoys have an energon matrix rather than a matrix of leadership. this signifies there rank and authority.

I cant say that i've seen the japanese dub of beast wars but wasn't primal still prosented as a ship captain rather than a grate leader?

I know that he is summoned thrue time by lio junier in "lio convoy is in imanant danger" and that he uses his matrix energy along with lio to create burning beast convoy and flash lio.
i also know that in the robot masters, he along with optimus prime combine there matrix energies for the matrix buster.

like i say i am not posotive about japan prosenting primal as a grate leader but i do know that all convoys have there energon matrixs.
also the optimus primal wiki doesn't mention that primal is a grate leader and only briefly mentions that lio junier summoned a hero from time to assist against demon zarac.

i am sure that the words used by the maximals in "lio convoy is in iminant danger" translate as hero from the past. but i may be rong about this. there are far too meny different ways the structure could be construed.
please corect me if i'm rong.
In Japan, Optimsu Primal was named "Convoy" and was treated as though he were the same individual as G1 Optimus Prime. Though, i was later proved thatthey were two different bots in Japan, Primal was still treated like a Supreme Commander instead of a mere ship captain.

In "Lio Convoy Kiki Ippatsu" (Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger), he was summoned to help in the fight against Majin Zarak and al of Lio Convoy's team revered Primal as a "Legendary Supreme Commander", as though he were G1 Optimus Prime. Here we saw that he did have an Energon Matrix (whereas in English fiction, he did not). We see again that he still has this Energon Matrix in the RobotMasters story as well, and used in conjuction with G1 Optimus Prime's Matrix of Leadership to perform the "Double Convoy Tornado".

As for the BWII movie, I watched it with English subs, so I get what's going on and what's being said.

Re: autobot leadership

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:30 pm
by Sabrblade
Bumping to make an update.

Thanks to the AllSpark Almanac II, we've got the names of previously unnamed Autobot leaders that preceded Optimus Prime in the U.S. G1 cartoon.

U.S. G1 Cartoon:
  • Primon, the Alpha Prime
  • Prima
  • Prime Nova or Nova Prime
  • Guardian Prime
  • Zeta Prime
  • Sentinel Prime (formerly Sentinel Major)
  • Optimus Prime (formerly Orion Pax)
  • Ultra Magnus
  • Rodimus Prime
  • Optimus Prime
    • Original body
    • Powermaster Optimus Prime
  • nothing is known after this until 300 years later