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Hasbro Marketing Panel -Notes and Discussion

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Hasbro Marketing Panel -Notes and Discussion

Postby perceptor » Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:56 am

Here are the notes I took from the Hasbro Marketing and Design Panel at Botcon 2010. In attendance:

- - - - - DAY 1 (not many reveals here, a review of what's been leaked thus far)
Greg Lombardo, Sr Marketing Director for Transformers.
Matt Grew (sp): works on Marketing team.
Mike Balog: Product Development
Bill Rawley, Design
Eric Seibenaller, runs the design side
Brian Welk, design

Hunt for the Decepticons: Through fall 2010
• Legends: OP, Cyberfire Bumblebee, Ravage, Rampage, Long Haul and Sandstorm, Tracker Hound, Override, Dust Storm, and Tuner Skids
• Scout Class: Hubcap (was intended to be Big Daddy, such redeco is possible), Brimstone, Insecticon (inspired by the bug thing that Sam rips the head off of), Breacher, Firetrap (recolor of Scattorshot), and Sunspot (recolor of Skystalker).
• Deluxe: Battle Blade Bumblebee, Jetblade (Dirge recolor) Sidearm Sideswipe, Hailstorm (beautiful new mold with 8 firing missiles, Transformation is very cool), Tomahawk (new mold, apache attack helicopter,) Terradive (another new mold), Electrostatic Jolt (looks barely different), Rescue Ratchet (red & white deluxe recolor).
• Voyager: Sea Spray (They're especially happy w/ how the head/posability turned out, he’s got little fins on his feat. TF’n is easy but very nice) Battle Blades Optimus Prime (Better TF’n, comes w/ matrix of leadership), and Highbrow (gorgeous new mold, triple fuselage props that push button and both props spin).
• Leader: Battle Hooks Optimus Prime (looks like improved paint aps since the promo pix shown) and Battle Ops Bumblebee (they think of this as the best version ever made, includes Easter eggs including G1 TF cartoon theme song)
• Human Alliance: Jazz (Tried to make Lennox w/ movie 1 clothing, black Sideswipe redeco (w/ new Mikaela, w/ a pony tail)
• Cybertronian (WFC) OP, BB, Megatron, Soundwave, and Cliffjumper
• Drift (large sword stores under vehicle), BLURR (recolored Drift w/ a new molded head), Thrust, Darkmount/Straxus (it was important to be able to allow him to hold axe w/ both hands), Red Alert, and Dirge. More revealed the next day
Power Core Combiners
• "When you see these 5 packs we are not wanting to people to think “this is Bruticus.” No, the idea is that maybe there are hundreds of combaticons out there, that’s how big we’re imagining our new universe."
• 4 legends class figures w/ auto converting figures. The main robot control.
• Lots of 2-packs.

- - - - - DAY 2 Hasbro Design panel.
Panel guests include the above plus "Miyake-san" (Takara) and Aaron Archer

New legends figures. Looks like G1 optimus, G1 Starscream, G1 Prowl, Legends Megatron turns into a gun, can be held by Masterpiece Starscream. Crowd goes wild! :)
Scout: Windcharger. New mold, G1 inspired, very nice!. They didn't show others...
Deluxe: We assume generations line. New strategy: when they do a recolor of these figures they have been planned out already w/ new heads!
Skullgrin: Looks amazing, Darkmount recolor w/ remolded head.
Scourge: fantastic new mold, amazing gun styled after G1 original,
• WFC Cliffjumper: WFC Bumblebee recolor
• Deluxe generations Thunderwing. BEAUTIFUl!!!! WOW! Crowd goes nuts!
Tracks: another new mold amazing yes, he does have winged car mode!
Fallback: is supposed to be Outback but couldn't get the name because of that Steakhouse restaurant
Jazz: crowd erupts! New mold, G1 inspired
Perceptor: Bill Rawley’s first Transformer! He has a half track turns into a classics version of his TF: Animated vehicle mode, has his sniper rifle….
Reflector: a Perceptor recolor, w/ new molded head. Special place in their heart.
Grapple, Voyager (Generations? unknown): Universe Inferno recolor w/ new feet, new head and crane. Looks top notch.
• Voyager Highbrow: (described above) toy on display at Hasbro showroom.
• Voyager Lugnut: crowd erupts again... An old school (WWII?) plane. Amazing with a more “releastic expression. Open mouth, lots of TFN that goes on in the head.

Powercore Combiners. Desire to keep compatibility with new and future items… showed some drawings
Heavy Tread, with Ground Spike: Tank w/ minicon buddy. Very nice highly detailed realistic tank mode.
Skyhammer with Airlift. Scout w/ minicon.
5 pack constructicons, with steamhammer
Dinobot Combiner… G1 dino combiner, central looks like Slag all different dinosaurs, none of the same Dinosaur types. Looks amazing. “Dinoking repaint?” "Stay tuned…"
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Re: Hasbro Marketing Panel -Notes and Discussion

Postby lioconvoy » Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:11 pm

ok sounds nice.
i don't know about everyone else but the generations are must gets, as are all the powercore combiners.
in fact most of what you have talked about is more than likely going to be hitting my shelves

not that sure about grapple or blurr though.
lugnut? hmm interesting.
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Re: Hasbro Marketing Panel -Notes and Discussion

Postby Sabrblade » Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:04 pm

Went and fixed some spelling/grammar errors in the first post, as well as making some corrections like the name of "Miyake-san".
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Re: Hasbro Marketing Panel -Notes and Discussion

Postby HolyGrail » Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:24 pm

Generations is the new Classics/Universe 2.0 line which = Pure Win. I'll be getting all of those.

Loving the looks of Hailstorm, Tomahawk and Terradive. Highbrow is interesting, just not sure if he'll sit with my Classics or Movieverse shelves...

Blurr head mold is great but the car mode just seems to be, lacking... Not very Blurr-esque.

DYING to see pics of Thunderwing, Jazz and Perceptor....
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