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Armada Overload

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Re: What kind of Transformers fan are you?

Postby Sabrblade » Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:16 pm

ironrod prime wrote:
Sabrblade wrote:
ironrod prime wrote:any chance he might be related to sentinel maximus
no, Sentinel Maximus is a merged hybrid form of Primal Prime and Apelinq. He hails from a post-Beast machines part of the G1 world and eventually dimension-hopped into the Unicron Trilogy world during the time of the Cybertron cartoon, which was long after the events of Armada (which Overload took part in).

And Ultra Maguns isn't a candidate either, as he too existed post-Armada, when Overload had already left by then to seek out his past, donning a new body like that of Cybertron Defense Scattorshot.

any chance that that apelinq is the same one as overloads minicon
No. Sentinel Maximus and all his identities (both current and former) hail from the Primax Cluster. Overload and Rollout are Natives to Aurex.

Sentinel Maximus was once Apelinq and Primal Prime, two characters from the Beast Era portion of the G1 cartoon continuity. During an intense battle between them and Cryotek over the Divine Light, both were severely wounded and almost killed. But, Primus worked a miracle and fused the two together into Sentinel Maximus, with Apelinq (now renamed Hyperlinq) forming the hybrid's head.

After this battle, he later dimension-hopped into the world of the Cybertron cartoon (which is 20 years after the events of Armada, long after Overload would have left to seek out the answers to his unknown origins).

Sentinel Maximus cannot be Overload since he was birthed after Overload was already alive.
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