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Some news for open source/tech people.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:34 pm
by cyberwuss
Sourceforge has reported about a week ago that they were hacked. For those who don't know its probably the biggest source for free open source stuff online, so maybe be paranoid about what you download for a few months from them. Basically they store all the open source code and programs that people build for different things from free art programs like GIMP and Art of Illusion to pieces of operating systems like Linux and the like. So it could be a big hit if any new code was damaged much. I would have brought this up earlier but just found out about it today while reading on the site for QuArK level editor about the hacking. The impact of such a hack could be quite damaging especially since alot of the free software involved is also used on sites that can't afford commercial stuff - including webservers that are free and forum software that might be used by a fansite similar to this one.

Re: Some news for open source/tech people.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:34 pm
by cyberwuss
First I wanted to say that I might be dropping in from time to time on this thread to discuss free and open source stuff in the open forum. I Just have a thing for coding and getting things done with free stuff, so I hope I don't bore you guys too much.

OK, I admit I am sort of a software geek, especially when it is free or open source.

Recently I've been messing around with camstudio for recording footage of my Transformers games from my desktop on PC.

I wanted to do this from a slower computer or device so I thought about several solutions and tried them.

In the end I had been reading through a very old unix book months ago and stumbled across a really old documentation for a handy network tool called netcat, abbreviated as nc in the OS usually.

Turns out this tool is very powerful and can do practically anything a computer can do over a network connection with a little thinking outside of the box, it can be put to cool uses and mean hacking people ones, I try to stay in first (cool) category myself :D

Long story short I figured out how to get my old linux and BSD boxes to stream desktop videos with ffmpeg over a netcat connection and can now record video over my home network from computers that are slower than a gameboy advance :D

I have been reading more on netcat and if I get brave enough I might try to get some cooler things to happen with it, maybe involving mobile devices like the cheaper kindle touch that is black and white or possibly nintendo DS.

Great programs both ffmpeg and netcat and I will be experimenting with them much in the future!

Re: Some news for open source/tech people.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:32 pm
by cyberwuss
I have been researching and getting more interested in Android OS lately, I am already a longtime linux user and open source nerd (about 16 years of experience with linux) and it recently caught my attention when I found out how many newer and affordable devices are starting to use this OS.

I will post this example video of a roughly 40 dollar tv box, that is basically a computer almost as small as a flash drive that plugs into an hdmi capable TV, the remote control can be used as a mouse pointer sort of like a wiimote.

The reason I got interested in this was because I started researching Android for a way to play that new Transformers: Legends game, I think I might get it to run on Android's SDK emulator.

The emulator is used on a regular computer to test how well an app runs while you are programming it, but in theory it might be able to run appstore stuff like the Legends game.

I was also interested in running Transformers: Awakening but found out that it is still not free.


Forgot to mention it also has USB 2.0 ports so you can add extra devices like USB mouse/keyboard, or an entire expandable USB hub, or a bluetooth on USB to get wireless mouse and keyboard.

They are also starting to make standalone devices, sort of like PDAs or Tablets, like Nook/Kindle/Ipad but with this free and open source OS, so it cuts down the price to about 70-80 dollars for a small Kindle style device that has a 7 inch diagonal screen, which is a bit larger than a Nintendo DS I think.

It pretty much gives you everything available on an Android smartphone, only with bigger screen and not necessarily having to pay a cell phone bill.

Re: Some news for open source/tech people.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:02 am
by cyberwuss
Wanted to share some things that I thought were pretty cool, might interest people who want to learn computer programming for some reason with free tools.

I am a hobby level computer programmer myself and know how hard some of the stuff can be to do, and this tool seems interesting to me.

It is called Google Web Toolkit and was used to create some versions of Angry Birds game.

To sum up it lets you code in Java code and compile to JavaScript (they are not the same just similar names) for a browser like firefox to run.

The tools simplify alot of stuff and would be a cool place to start along with Mozilla Developer Network for web stuff.

Anyway, here is the link:

More free docs for web stuff: