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Postby Unicron fan » Fri Jun 01, 2012 9:00 pm

A couple of hours ago, one of those that works here rang on my door. As it was past 1 am, I wondered why they rang so late.

It showed up that a garage and a shed only 30 meters away from my apartment was on fire! The fire reached almost 10 meters up, and I had to evacuate in case the fire would spread. There was also lots of smoke, and it was very thick.

I could hear explosions coming from the cars that was in the garage, and both garage and shed took not many minutes to burn completely down (well, there is some left of the shed).

Both fire department and police came quickly on the scene, and the police put up those bands you see in CSI around the place after the fire had been contained, and they believe an arsonist caused the fire.

Both the firemen and the police are still here, securing the place and making sure it does not blase up again. Though it was safe to get back in now. And fortunately no apartments were taken by the fire, though one was engulfed in smoke for a while due to the wind (good thing it weren't much wind).

Edit: Changed the word pyroman to arsonist as I found out the actual term for that word.
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