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Personal video game achievements.

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Personal video game achievements.

Postby cyberwuss » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:06 pm

Wanted to start a thread for electronic gaming people, about the hardest personal achievements or challenges they might have undertaken and succeeded at.

I will start off with one of mine.

There used to be a game called MX Unleashed about dirt bikes, there was a freestyle mode where you could get a high score by performing stunts. Through a few months of practice my brother and I got very good at this game, but never could manage over 200,000 pts for a long time.

I finally managed to rank at least 210,000 on each freestyle map, there were 5 on xbox one we had, my highest score was nearly 240,000.

The 240,000 single stunt score took probably 3 hours of solid trying, before it finally landed.

It was likely the closest thing to impossible in a video game I have done before :p
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