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SUN/ORACLE JAVA URGENT: Security Info to protect your tech

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SUN/ORACLE JAVA URGENT: Security Info to protect your tech

Postby cyberwuss » Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:30 am

Everyone seeing this should immediately make sure they have uninstalled java from their computer from the control panel or at least in a web browser plugin version to have that turned off.

If you have administrator rights on windows 7 this is as easy as going to programs and features in control panel and sorting the list by the company name of the developer who made it. The name you will be looking for is Oracle who currently develops java and Sun who used to make java. Simply uninstall any program from Oracle or Sun that has anything to do with the word java, JRE, JDK, or JavaFX, etc. This is an in the wild attack that is out as of today and hurts current java.

Once you have completed these steps you can safely play PD and use FB with JavaScript and Adobe Flash, a completely different program environment that has little to do with Java by Oracle.

JavaScript is built into the browser itself, not a plugin, and is the common language of many interactive webpages.

Java is a virtual machine emulating language that can either be run in "applets" that are simply windows or popups from java runtime, or standalone programs that can be run from a shortcut and are installed on the computer.

After you have uninstalled java you can safely browse the web on the computer you uninstalled it from.

Uninstalling old versions of java is good practice anyway as some of the old versions arent handled by current updaters and you might have java versions as old as 4.0-5.0 on your harddrive still that need to be uninstalled.

The next version of java that might be safe will be 7 update 11 or higher, until it is released and verified safe you should do anything you can to disable it.

If you are not a sysadmin for your computer you can disable the Java plugin, often called JRE plugin or something similar, in the addons and plugins management system for your browser. For Firefox this is under Tools->AddOns->Plugins. On some systems you can get to this by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A and clicking Plugins. You need to disable everything that claims to be Java related plugin, but mainly the ones that are JRE plugins, then restart your browser.

Information on the attack is here:


EDIT: I Just copied this from a social web game site so that is what "still play PD" is about.
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