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Is Criss Angel a real Illusionist

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Is Criss Angel a real Illusionist

Postby Trypticon » Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:55 pm

For you who do not know who criss angel is he is supposedly the greatest illusionist and escape artist that has ever lived and in the world as of this moment. This guy has walked on water, seen getting burned alive, walking up and down buldings, body suspensions by just fish hooks, leivitates in the sky and a bunch of other stuff. There is these videos on youtube that constantly try to prove he is a fake. I personally need to think they need to let it go this guy has been doing this tuff over 3 decades and has been into illusions and stuff since he was a little kid and how in his 40's and that is pretty much what he has been doing with his whole entire life. This is why he is able to do all this stuff. I wouldn't believe any vid on youtube would ever say about him an dpersonally need proof that comes from his mouth and how he performed his stunts and illusions. If you guys do not know who he is you see his show on A&E channel sometimes and it is called Criss Angel Mindfreak. If you have never wathced watch him some time you should see some of the stuff that he does but if you know who he is leave your opinion on how he does this illusions.
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Re: Is Criss Angel a real Illusionist

Postby cyberwuss » Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:26 pm

Criss Angel's greatest trick was the show Magic's Greatest Secrets Finally Revealed with the Masked Magician who was obviously him and not that guy they showed at the end of the series named Valentino... That aside I kind of laughed at another show (can't remember name of it) where Criss gets into a fight with a contestant who thinks hes doing magic and Criss is all like "THATS NOT MAGIC... NOOB!!!" It almost went to fists and was great ratings for NBC. I haven't seen much of him lately though because I got turned off on magic that I was watching just for laughs to begin with because the gags and stunts became too repetitive especially in the era of David Copperfield specials :<. I mean Come ON! How many times can you do that pick a card trick through the TV all he changed every time was how the cards looked!
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