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Animated finally goes to Japan!

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Animated finally goes to Japan!

Postby Sabrblade » Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:33 am

At long last, it looks as though Japan, the land of the rising sun, will be finally getting their share of the great Transformers Animated franchise in March 2010.

The Famitoy blog reports the following lineup for the March-April 2010 TakaraTomy Transformers Animated toyline:
Item Name • Retail Price • Release Date
Single Pack
TFA-01 Optimus Prime • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-02 Bumblebee • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-03 Bulkhead • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-04 Ratchet • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-05 Prowl • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-06 Megatron • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-07 Starscream • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-08 Lockdown • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-09 Blackarachnia • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-10 Cliffjumper • 1200yen • March 2010
TFA-11 Dirge • 1200yen • March 2010
TFA-12 Arcee • 2300yen • April 2010
TFA-13 Blitzwing • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-14 Shockwave • 3600yen • April 2010
TFA-15 Lugnut • 3600yen • April 2010
TFA-16 Soundwave • 2300yen • April 2010

VS Twinpack
Optimus Prime VS Megatron • 6800yen • March 2010
Bumblebee VS Starscream • 4500yen • March 2010
Ratchet VS Lockdown • 4500yen • March 2010
Bulkhead VS Soundwave • 5600yen • March 2010
Prowl VS Blitzwing • 5600yen • April 2010

*Subject to change without prior notice.

We can guess what this means. Even more show-accurate color schemes (Starscream needs one badly). Maybe some chrome or metallic paint. Perhaps even new Japanese fiction for the series! Only time will tell.

But this news has me seriously hyped for their side of the story. :D
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Re: Animated finally goes to Japan!

Postby perceptor » Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:52 am

That was the first thing that crossed my mind as well! More accurate color schemes! BRING IT!
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Re: Animated finally goes to Japan!

Postby Lord Megatron » Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:05 pm

perceptor wrote:That was the first thing that crossed my mind as well! More accurate color schemes! BRING IT!

Either that, or better yet, the remaining seekers that weren't released over here such as Ramjet and perhaps, if they can pull it off, a Slipstream.
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