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Transformers Voyager Sea Spray gallery

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Transformers Voyager Sea Spray gallery

Postby Sabrblade » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:39 pm

yizhi521 of TFW2005 has posted an extensive look at the new and upcoming Transformers Voyager Class Sea Spray figure.

"Sea Spray" (notice the new spelling) is both a homage to and an updated version of his Generation 1 counterpart, Seaspray, transforming into an aquatic hovercraft altmode. An added gimmick to this form enables him to store and carry "most Scout class figures". His robot mode features double harpoon launchers, a scuba diver mask-style face, and feet that actually convert into flippers!

This gallery not only shows the figure from almost every angle in both modes, but it also shows us the new packaging for the Transformers toys of 2010. The packaging is similar the both the 2007 movie and ROTF toys, but is done in a golden orange/yellow color scheme instead of dark red. Also notice that the word "Transformers" has no sub-heading to go with it, making this new line of toys using the generic name of "Transformers" instead of a more individual series name.

The bio & tech specs and the cross-sell have each been moved to the left and right sides of the box. The back of the box is reserved entirely to show off the figure's two modes in all their glory.

The cross-sell shows a new redeco of Movie Voyager Ratchet, called "Night Ops Ratchet," coming soon.

Sea Spray's bio (which also reveals the name of a new Decepticon who will likely be his rival) reads as follows:
Many DECEPTICONS believe that while the AUTOBOTS may rule the land, the sea is safe. Those DECEPTICONS have never met SEA SPRAY. CRANKSTART thinks he's safe hidden on a remote African shore, but he's about to get the worst shock of his life. SEA SPRAY will come screaming out of the surf, turning the beach into a blasted wasteland with nowhere to hide.

This new Sea Spray sure sounds menacing, doesn't he. :P

To see the whole gallery of this figure, click here.

A video review of this figure has been posted at (not YouTube, but) TinyPic.com. Though it may be difficult to understand what the person/persons in the video are saying (they may be speaking in a non-English language), the video does show that Sea Spray is about the height of Classics Optimus Prime, as well as showing the full transformation of the toy.
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Re: Transformers Voyager Sea Spray gallery

Postby cyberwuss » Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:32 pm

I really hope this guy comes out great. If they could do a voyager Cosmos it would make me go crazy but the reason for Seaspray is that he is a rare vehicle mold the only other I can remember being storm surge mold for hovercraft and earlier seasprays. The other reason is that he was one of the few I managed to get in my younger and poorer collecting years during Generation 2. If I could go back and buy the whole line of G2 I would as I really loved that line since it brought back the toys so well when everyone thought TF was over.
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Re: Transformers Voyager Sea Spray gallery

Postby blukis » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:02 am

Super cool. Can't wait. Interesting box. I think I like it better than the black & red.
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