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News on Animated's Japanese theme song and voice cast

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News on Animated's Japanese theme song and voice cast

Postby Sabrblade » Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:13 pm

New info on the Japanese broadcast of Transformers Animated has surfaced at LiveJournal. User toriaki has indicated a few new bits information regarding the show.

Firstly, the show's theme song will be performed by a group called JAM Project. This group's members consist of people who have sung songs from previous Transformers series, such as Hironobu Kageyama (who performed the songs played in The Headmasters and Beast Wars Metals), Hiroshi Kitadani (sang the opening theme to Super Link), andIchirō Mizuki (sang the opening and ending themes of Zone).

Secondly, the voice actors of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sari, and Megatron have been announced. Each of which has voiced previous Transformers characters.
Optimus Prime will be voiced by Hiroki Takahasi, who was the voice of Starscream/Hellscream, Mantis, and Autolauncher in Beast Wars II, as well as Gildo (Dark Scream) and Build Hurricane (Grimlock) from Car Robots (RiD).
Bumblebee will be voiced by Daisuke Kishio (no page), who previously voiced Kicker in Super Link (Energon).
Sari will be voiced by Satomi Akesaka, who voiced Atari Hitotonari, Sundor, and Stardust from the Kiss Players radio show.
And Megatron gets the honor of being voiced by none other than Norio Wakamoto, who voiced Flame Convoy (Scourge) in Galaxy Force (Cybertron), and many great anime villains.

Lastly, the series is set for DVD/Blu-Ray release in Japan during the Fall of 2010. There is a bit more info at the bottom, but most of it is kinda "Engrish":
  • Announcement of Megatron's cast,OP singer
  • It have narration. but Cast is not decided...?
  • ”no traditional Scene conversion. but We hope to make a new scene. ”
  • transformation scene is remake a little...?
  • "2010(Rodimus season) is very very mad, It is necessary for the TF life. lol"
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