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Meet GREGG BERGER & DAN GILVEZAN at TFcon Charlotte Oct 16-

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Meet GREGG BERGER & DAN GILVEZAN at TFcon Charlotte Oct 16-

Postby oohyaa » Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:42 pm

TFcon Charlotte - America's largest fan-run Transformers convention will be this weekend, October 16-18 at the Embassy Suites Charlotte Concord in Concord, North Carolina.

Guests include Gregg Berger the voice of G1 Grimlock, Dan Gilvezan the voice of G1 Bumblebee and Richard Newman the voice of Rhinox in Beast Wars, they will be available all day for autographs and photos. Other special guests include James Roberts the writer of Transformers More Than Meets The Eye, and G1 story editor and writer Flint Dille as well as Transformers Artists Alex Milne, Casey Coller, Brendan Cahill, Corin Howell and Josh Burcham.

The show features a huge dealer room full of vintage Transformers and 80s toys and all the latest releases and imports from today, a costume contest, art displays, Q&A panels and much more. To get more information check out http://www.tfcon.com
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