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Transformers United manga scanlated

PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:33 pm
by Sabrblade
Awhile back, we reported that portions of the Transformers Generations 2010 book had been scanned and put onto the Internet for public viewing. Now, we have one more piece of this book that has not been seen online until now: the Transformers United manga chapter.

The Allspark has provided not only scanned images of this manga, but have gone and translated it into English as well. Hence, it has been "scanlated".

This manga chapter doesn't have much of a plot to it, but does showcase several characters seen in both the United toyline and the WFC video games (note that the inclusion of non-toy WFC characters does not indicate that they will be receiving toys of their own).

Thanks goes out to Powered Convoy, lonegamer8, DrSpengler, NightViper, and Meister79 for their scanlation efforts.