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Forum Rules & Guidelines — READ THIS FIRST!

Discuss buying/selling/trading transactions between users here
Forum rules
This forum is for the selling/Buying/trading transactions between users AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
Unicron.com is NOT responsible for bad transactions.

Forum Rules & Guidelines — READ THIS FIRST!

Postby Sabrblade » Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:37 pm

Effective as of 6/12/2010


1. No duplicate topics.
Creating more than one of the same discussion topic is not permitted. If you wish to discuss a topic that already exists, please do so in the existing topic.

2. Add to the discussions.
Try not to post simple one or two-word posts (i.e. - "Yes!" "No." "I agree" "Cool." etc.). Use full sentences that provide more structure to the conversations at hand. Same goes for "smiley-only" posts; none of that either.

3. Multiple posting (triple and up) is not permitted.
That is, posting more than one consecutive post at a time within an immediate timeframe is not well-liked. We may let double-posting slide if it adds to the conversation at hand, but triple-posting and beyond are crossing the line. If you must add to a specific topic where yours is the latest post, please either use the EDIT button to add to your post, or wait a minimum of 6 hours before posting again in said topic if no one replies.

4. Keep to the topic at hand.
We all tend to go a little off topic sometimes. But, there's always room for improvement. Keep the discussions on topic in regards to the original post's topic.

5. No cussing/swearing/cursing/etc.
There will be no usage of the "Seven Dirty Words" and other such colorful language around here. Replacing any letters in these words with numbers, asterisks, or symbols of any kind does not override this rule. Simply, keep the language clean and friendly.

6. Respect other users.
Though there may be disagreements and mild quarrels that could stir up in these forums, at no time is it permitted for any insults or harassment to be given between board members. We are all here to have decent, civilized talks and we shall respect the different opinions, thoughts, and views of each other, while keeping the attitudes to a minimum

7. No explicit content is allowed.
Any "adult" or "mature" media is not allowed. No porn, no hentai, no R-rated content whatsoever shall be posted here. There are young members on these boards as well as those of elder ages. These forums are to remain PG rated, at the most.

8. No spamming.
This should be common sense, but absolutely no spam is allowed here. No pointless threads that have little-to-no topic are allowed. Also, no commercial advertising of other websites, services, businesses, etc. within the main contents of a post is permitted. Any such acts of spam will result in immediate deletion of spam posts, spam topics, and quite possibly, permanent banning of the spammer.

9. No "Playing Mod".
If you are not a mod, please do not act like one.

10. No account-sharing.
Do not share your account with another person. Each user is to be a single person with a single identity. If it comes to where one user who shares an account with another user is banned due to the actions of that other user, the non-guilty party sharing said banned account will not be unbanned.

11. No creating multiple accounts.
Creating dual accounts of the same user is looked down upon. So simply keep it to one account per user.

12. Create appropriate usernames.
Usernames that are vulgar in name or imitations of other users' names shall not be created. Keep your username original and clean.

13. Don’t upset the Mods.
If a mod or an admin needs to step in to take disciplinary actions, adhere to their wishes. Do not violate any of the rules or antagonize any of the higher-ups. Otherwise, consequences (i.e. – warnings, bans, etc.) shall be issued out.

14. Post in the appropriate forums.
All topics and related posts shall be put where appropriate. Generic Transformers-related topics go in the "Transformers - General Discussion" forum. Topics about buying/selling/trading Transformers items between users go in the "Transformers - Sales & Trading" subforum. Newsworthy Transformers information topic goes in the "News & Rumors" forum. And all non-Transformers-related topics go in the "Open Forum".


1. Minimum avatar dimensions: 20px by 20px

2. Maximum avatar dimensions: 100px by 100px

3. Maximum signature dimensions (width by height): 800px by 400px

4. Use proper English language and formatting.

5. NO ALL CAPS TYPING FOR ENTIRE POSTS. aNd NoNe Of ThIs NoNsEnSe FoR EnTiRe PoStS eItHeR (see how silly it looks).

6. Introductions of new users shall be done in the Official Welcome to the Board thread.

7. Thread titles should be appropriate, descriptive, and logical.

8. Do not quote entire posts if only portions of it need quoting. Trim down any large quotes to contain only text that need be quoted.

Any violation of the above rules shall result in warnings and/or bans. Warnings and bans will be issued as follows:
  • After 3 warnings --> 3 day ban
  • After 3 more warnings --> 7 day ban
  • After two more warnings --> Permaban

Lastly, Have fun. Basically, follow the rules and enjoy yourself.
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