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HUGE Updates to TechSpecs/Instructions Archives

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HUGE Updates to TechSpecs/Instructions Archives

Postby perceptor » Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:58 pm

Whether you're trying to learn how to transform and figure out what Gaia Unicron transforms into (it's an erupting volcano/mountain, btw!) or if you just want to check out the latest 2012 Rescue Bots! This update is for you!

Unicron.com site visitors will now find a MASSIVE, (>1,000 new image) upgrade to our Transformers Instructions Archive and (renamed) Tech Specs/Packaging Archives. With over 2200 images, these archives now include high rez Tech Specs for every (US release) G1 figure as well as many other additions in the modern era.

In the mood for a walk down memory lane? You can look up what spare parts came with Sinnertwin (no, not Twinstrike!) Or, maybe you just want to peruse our extensive collection of tech specs and packaging art from the G1 toys of 1989? If modern toys are what interests you, then know that we have that covered too! From all the latest Transformers Prime toy instructions, to package art for Generations, Kre-Oand Botcon Exclusives, we hope you can find everything you're looking for!

By the way, does anyone else think Timelines "Over-run" (G1 Runabout) is *actually* intended to be a secret insult to Transformers director Michael Bay? Or is it just me? Maybe I'm reading too much into it...
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Re: HUGE Updates to TechSpecs/Instructions Archives

Postby buccinator » Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:03 pm

hahahahaha, holy crap! That Over-Run Tech Spec does sound like they are talking about Michael Bay. I wonder who he pissed off inside TFCC?! hahahahaha Thanks for pointing that out!
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Re: HUGE Updates to TechSpecs/Instructions Archives

Postby CYLON (13) » Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:59 am

LOL, yeah. It seems to be one of those read-between-the-lines deals. :lol:
I wonder if he knows? Be kind people. :)

That's cool, though! I would be honored and humored if that were even a possibility for me! How cool.
Looks like you've made it, kid! ;) :lol:
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