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Beast Hunters Pix and News Roundup

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Beast Hunters Pix and News Roundup

Postby perceptor » Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:23 pm

Check it out! Shockwave's vehicle mode, without the armor.

Okay, with travel schedule settling down a bit, we have a bit more time to get posted the next round of info. Now available in the ToyFair 2013 page, you'll find publicity stills for remaining Beast Hunters figures.
Starting with Beast Hunter Deluxe: figures Dreadwing, Ratchet, Ripclaw, Skystalker, Starscream, Smokescreen, Bulkhead, Lazerback, Wheeljack and Bumblebee.
In the Voyager Category we now have (added character pages in 2013) for: Shockwave, Grimwing, Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime and Predaking.
* Also, another ~dozen images have been added to the (not really called) Ultimate Class Assortment toys, Dragon Hunter Optimus Prime and Predaking.

At the time of posting, these images were not properly appearing in the ToyFair 2013 report page. By the time you read this, the problem may be solved. Thanks for bearing with us as we work through the bugs.
$49.99 suggested retail. I only hope it looks as good on the store shelf as it did on the convention show floor!
"Um, no thank you. I think I'd rather walk myself to the Emergency room; rather than have to ride in this horney, dragon scale ambulance weirdness with green slime drill!"
Sweetness! "Grimwing" looked fantastic! Though I'm not crazy about: the name... mainly because it (to me) it subtly indicates a low probability that either he or Grimlock will be in the shows. (Booooo!!!). Because if there was any intention of having Grimwing or Grim lock in the show, the would have put a little more thought into it and called Grim wing something else...
After most of the commotion had died died down, I got them to take that dragon armor off the vehicle mode. Unfortunately, all the dragon armor was permanently glued on to the prototype in robot mode. But yes, it is designed to be removable, just like deluxe Smokescreen.
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Re: Beast Hunters Pix and News Roundup

Postby buccinator » Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:33 pm

Among the 4 pix you highlight in posting:
1. Looks great
2. Holy freaking weirdness! WTH is that?! No thank you!
3. Very cool
4. The best of all. Can't wait to get my hands on one of those beauties. Like the design for SW"s alt mode. Would prefer a giant laser handgun but this will do!
Now to check out the rest of your images...
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Re: Beast Hunters Pix and News Roundup

Postby Wing Saber » Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:45 pm

1. Shockwave looks amazing, I WILL get him
2. Ratchet's head looks like Dinobot II
3.Ultra Magnus looks fantastic!
4. The Grimwing link leads to Shockwave's page
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