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Rundown of Age of Extinction footage shown at CinemaCon 2014

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Rundown of Age of Extinction footage shown at CinemaCon 2014

Postby Sabrblade » Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:45 am

Paramount was in attendance at the 2014 CinemaCon in Las Vegas to present a good 15 minutes of footage from the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction film to exhibitors and theater owners. Hosting thisevent were lead actor Mark Wahlberg and his costars Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor (Michael Bay was last minute no-show due to his putting the finishing touches on the movie). Wahlberg's daughter, Ella, was also on stage, holding Peltz's hand. Several websites were present to witness said footage, including IGN, ComingSoon.net, io9, CinemaBlend, and Yahoo! Movies, all of which provide a lengthy description of the content revealed in the footage. For a rundown of all that was said and done, head through the space bridge. Fair warning, though, these notes contain SPOILERS.


  • Walhberg claimed that this movie will be the biggest one of 2014 and will make the most money.
  • Even though the film will most definitely take place after Dark of the Moon, it is more of a standalone film than a sequel.
  • There is a dinosaur seen in this movie. Not a dinobot, a CGI dinosaur.
  • The film begins in Texas as Cade Yeager (Wahlberg) is an inventor down on his luck trying to put his daughter, Tessa (Peltz) through school and doesn't approve of things like her shorter-then-short shorts, nor her secret racer boyfriend Shane Dyson (Reynor).
  • Cade uses his last $100 to buy an old beat up truck (a disguised Optimus) that he thinks he can lift for parts and make some money off of, but Tessa and Cade's employee/partner Lucas (played by T.J. Miller) disagree since money's been tight for them lately and they feel that Cade just wasted the last of his money on this new investment.
  • After Cade tinkers with the truck and realizes it's a Transformer, government agents show up led by James Savoy (played by Titus Welliver), who is receiving orders from his boss Harold Attinger (played by Kelsey Grammer). They are hunting down all Transformers by order of the U.S. government.
  • When Cade refuses to cooperate with the agents, they are ordered to threaten Tessa, whom they push down and hold at gunpoint. Optimus then emerges from the barn and retaliates by opening fire on the agents. This is an intently more darker, more desperate take on Optimus.
  • During the ensuing chaos, Shane arrives in his race car to help the Yeagers get away to safety, while delivering a traditional Bay-styled slow motion stunt that has his car punch an agent in the face with one of its tires.
  • Later, a fight between Optimus and Galvatron on a stretch of road halts the humans' escape. Galvatron, of note, is a human-operated Transformer who is remotely-controlled by an employee of Joshua (played by Stanley Tucci), the scientist in charge of the human-developed Transformers.
  • During the fight, a giant spaceship arrives and from which emerges the Decepticon bounty hunter Lockdown, who has come for Optimus and guns him down with his face cannon.
  • As the humans tried to hide during the fight, Tessa gets separated from her dad as she is trapped under a car when Lockdown arrives and takes out Optimus. Lockdown has a smaller ship emerge from his larger ship and which throws a net over Optimus and the car Tessa's trapped in, and both she and Prime get scooped up and taken away by Lockdown. Cade runs after her and leaps up to grab onto the net, but try as he might to hold on, he falls back to the ground and slam his fist down in slow-mo frustration.
  • A montage of lots of action scene clips followed afterward, including those seen in the previous trailers (like Lockdown's ship over Hong Kong and Optimus fighting Grimlock), and one of a chase scene between Savoy and Cade spread across fire escapes and rooftops in Hong Kong.
  • The footage ended with a funny scene of Cade crashing part of a spaceship into a Bud Lite truck in the streets below, damaging some guy's car in the process. The guy gets out of his now totaled car and furiously demands to see Cade's insurance. Cade violently responds, "Insurance? This is a spaceship!" He then drinks a can of Bud Lite, tosses it at the car, and then calls to his daughter, "Honey, hand me my alien gun."
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Re: Rundown of Age of Extinction footage shown at CinemaCon

Postby BumblebeeDOTM » Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:19 pm

This sounds exciting. I actually am interested in the fact that Galvatron is human-operated. I am a bit disappointed he's not exactly Megatron, but maybe... Maybe Galvatron is made from Megatron's carcass! As long as he's rebuilt from Megatron's remains, I'll be happy, but even if he isn't, I still have to respect the originality of a Galvatron who isn't actually Megatron. Lockdown seems to be very similar to his Animated persona (which I'm happy about, as Lockdown is one of my favorite Animated Decepticons), and the fact we'll be seeing a real dinosaur also interests me.
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Re: Rundown of Age of Extinction footage shown at CinemaCon

Postby Autobot Jazz » Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:46 pm

I don't like the idea of Galvatron being human operated. He should at least be built by the remains of Megatron though.
Any species that can come up with a sweet ride like this can't be all bad.
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Re: Rundown of Age of Extinction footage shown at CinemaCon

Postby blukis » Wed Mar 26, 2014 4:52 pm

If there was one thing the first three were lacking, it's a "darker, more desperate take on Optimus" ::sarcasm::
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