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Transformers Robots In Disguise Teaser Video, Image Captures

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:22 pm
by perceptor
More thanks again to Hasbro PR, who has passed along a copy of the Transformers Robots in Disguise teaser video now available for viewing on the's YouTube page. You can also check out high resolution image gallery with a few of the highlights mirrored in the attached forum thread...

EDIT: one fan contacted us to say the YouTube link doesn't work because it was blocked by by Hasbro Studios on Copyright grounds. Bizarre, considering that it's Hasbro who provided us with the video in the first place! ... Anyway, if you have trouble, you can see the same vid, now on the TF:FB page HERE.

Re: Transformers Robots In Disguise Teaser Video, Image Capt

PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:54 am
by Sabrblade
For those curious, the Smokescreen-looking bot with Bumblebee is Strongarm, the female Elite Guard cadet.

And the purple Grimlock-looking beast is Underbite, a new Decepticon.