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Rescue Bots episode 73 - "Four-Legged Hero"

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 4:26 am
by Sabrblade
Last Saturday, the 73rd episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots, aired on Discovery Family. Titled "Four-Legged Hero", this episode puts the focus on the latest (permanent) addition to the rescue team, Servo, the little dog-like helper bot who was first given to the team by High Tide back in episode 68. As Servo is now having to get more used to life on Griffin Rock, he finds himself in a situation that ends up putting the rest of the team's undercover status in jeopardy. Can Servo learn to be like a lifeless Earth machine, or is this dog simply untrainable?

Re: Rescue Bots episode 73 - "Four-Legged Hero"

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 5:39 am
by Sabrblade
Episode 73 -

Mrs. Luskey sounds like a valley girl.

When helping the motorist move his car, Boulder goes really CGI (save for his head, for some reason).

Short theme song.

Mrs. Luskey incorrectly called Cody "Jody".

Though Servo did a good job at saving Poopsie from traffic, Heatwave and Chase express some concern over Servo showing too much sentient behavior that he could blow their cover.

From now on, Servo must act only on command when out in public. Boulder and Cody want to help him get used to that.

An armored van delivered a diamond collar for Poopsie to the Luskey mansion. Poopsie doesn't seem to like it, though.

After seeing a news report about Servo, Poopsie grabs the diamond collar and runs off.

Mayor Luskey calls Chief believing that the diamond collar was stolen.

Poopsie brings the collar to Servo, buries it, and then wants Servo to dig it up, which he does. Heh, dogs.

Uh oh. The team sees Servo with the collar and suspect him of having taken it.

Surprisingly, Kade of all people stands up for Servo by pointing out an alibi: The drain pipe that he and Servo were working on earlier is now fixed, which Servo had finished by himself while the team was out looking for the collar. And he was with Cody and Boulder all morning before that, so Servo couldn't have had the time to go over to the mayor's mansion to steal the collar (and we know he didn't).

However, regardless of whether he's innocent or guilty, he was still acting on his own, and Chief states that if Servo can't get passed that, then he might have to be given back to High Tide.

Kade and Graham return the collar to the Mayor, and fib that the collar was found on the ground, as though the "thief" dropped it, and that they'll "keep looking for the thief".

Cody and Boulder help Servo learn how to behave as a robot.

Poopsie tries to give Servo her toy bone, but Servo can't accept it without a command.

As Poopsie chases a truck, Servo is torn between having to follow commands and saving Poopsie. He ultimately chooses the latter.

Poopsie wanders into a museum to chew on a T-Rex skeleton. Pulling out one bone causes the whole thing to collapse.

Servo appears out of the rubble and is accused of having destroyed the skeleton.

Poopsie nearly gets crushed by a fallen toolbox, which instead knocks a man off his ladder. Servo saves the man, but is accused of having knocked the ladder over himself.

Servo smashes an uninstalled window to save a skateboarder from crashing into it, much to the irate chagrin of the men who were carrying the window.

Heatwave and Chase are through letting Servo run free, for though he is a Cybertronian Helper Bot, they see him as having been anything but helpful.

Poopsie's entered the zoo cage of the cross-eyed lion!

Servo had to disable the zoo's power to let himself enter the lion's cage, but in turn he's made an opening for other animals to break free.

Servo's saved Poopsie, but now the gorilla's gotten out of its own cage.

Heatwave scares the gorilla back into its cage.

Servo finally succeeds in dropping off Poopsie back home.

Mrs. Luskey refers to her husband as "H.B."

Both Poopsie and the mayor get taken by a trash-collecting bot.

Servo is apprehended by the team.

Security footage reveals to the team that all of Servo's actions were less vandalism and more attempts to save Poopsie and other people. But he was still acting on his own. But but Cody argues that each emergency necessitated Servo to behave the way he did, and Chief concedes that Servo was justified.

The mayor and Poopsie are about to be eaten by a Scrapmaster. Luckily the team arrives just in time to stop it.

Servo is allowed to stay with the team, and Graham explains to the mayor that Servo acts the way he, er, it does due its programming.

Nicole Dubuc -- Mrs. Luskey
Jeff Bennett -- Anthropologist
Poopsie is uncredited, but was previously voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Though a bit of a step down from the last three episodes, this episode wasn't meant to be as big a deal as the Blurr/Salvage trilogy, so while it was a smaller scaled episode, it was still decent in its own right. Servo proved that he could hold an episode focused on himself, and for a character limited by his having to basically be an animal, he was surprisingly expressive and emotive as a character. We could really feel for him when we needed to, and could also root for him when he did something great. His being a dog was of no consequence in our being able to relate to him, as we could really get invested in his ethical dilemma of having to choose between doing what was by the book and doing what was morally right. However, one thing in this episode did bug me, and that was the whole "Servo must not act on his own" thing. The whole time, I kept thinking "Can't they just tell people that Servo has advanced enough programming to behave the way he does?" And in the end, that's what was done, so why couldn't they think to have done that sooner? Sure, if they had, then we wouldn't have had the episode as it was, but come on.