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Unite Warriors UW03 Guardian/Defensor is a limited exclusive

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Unite Warriors UW03 Guardian/Defensor is a limited exclusive

Postby Sabrblade » Fri May 22, 2015 9:47 pm

Some discomforting news for non-Japanese Transformers fans has been posted by TakaraTomy Mall. On their order page for the upcoming Unite Warriors release of UW03 Guardian (A.K.A. Defensor) will be a limited exclusive to TakaraTomy Mall. This means that the recently-revealed Unite Warriors Deluxe-sized Groove mold is to be only available from this venue, and in limited numbers.

What's more is that several elements in the prototype figure's design strongly imply that Unite Warriors Groove is a TakaraTomy-original design produced without Hasbro's input. The figure has clear plastic while none of the Hasbro molds do, it has two guns based on the G1 Groove toy's guns instead of just one weapon of an original non-G1 design, the figure has been given special attention by TakaraTomy advertisement while neither Slingshot nor Wildrider received such treatment from Takara's ads, and most of all, the figure is still a gray prototype, placing its development cycle far later than any other Combiner Wars / Unite Warriors molds seen thus far.

So far as far as can be told, this Unite Warriors Groove mold is looking more and more to be a non-Hasbro product designed without regards to Hasbro's standards (much like several Japanese TF: Prime molds like War Breakdown, Jet Vehicon, and Gaia Unicron), and will be moderately difficult to come by on its own without buying the whole UW03 Guardian set, which is already to be released in limited quantities. Good luck to those who seek it.

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Re: Unite Warriors UW03 Guardian/Defensor is a limited exclu

Postby SigmaCore » Sat May 23, 2015 7:02 am

Oh. Joy. :cry:

Dangit! Rook was probably designed to be at better scale with the other Protectobots because, you know, kids would never get why a giant motorcycle riding along side an ambulance and all that ( :roll: ), but it still irks me that the rest of the planet will never get this version of Groove because of someone's inability to reconcile with their inner child and be like "Meh, kids won't mind." Still, the newbie looks to be a great addition to the team, and he a lot of fans say he makes for a solid toy, but I still want my (deluxe) Groove as part of Defensor. :(
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