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Unite Warriors UW06 Grand Galvatron comic

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Unite Warriors UW06 Grand Galvatron comic

Postby Sabrblade » Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:19 pm

After showing us what the toy looks like, TakaraTomy Mall has posted a four-page comic for the upcoming Unite Warriors UW06 Grand Galvatron set. As this set contains three characters from four different universes (G1 cartoon, Armada cartoon, Prime cartoon, and IDW's G1 comics), this comic works to explain how they all come together.

Set in 2021, ten years after Galvatron's death in The Headmasters cartoon, Cyclonus find that Galvatron isn't quite as dead as originally believed. Galvatron's soul takes possession of Cyclonus, upgrading his body to better resemble the toy. Then, Cyclonus and Galvatron (inside Cyclonus's body) go to the Triple Z Point (from the Beast Wars Neo cartoon) to see the corpse of Unicron, who's also not quite dead. After speaking with Unicron, the dark god summons two dead guys (Armada Thrust and Prime Breakdown) and a lost guy (IDW Roller) from other dimensions and upgrades them as well. Then Starscream's ghost shows up (somehow still a ghost despite having gotten a new body from Unicron back in the G1 cartoon season 3 episode "Ghost in the Machine") and after some more talk, he too is upgraded. All five then combine into Grand Galvatron for some purpose (we REALLY need a translation of this comic). And whatever that purpose is, it'll ultimately have to fail and be undone for the pre-established Japanese timeline to still work, since Galvatron's soul needs to die and go back to the Arctic on Earth for Dark Nova to come along years later and fully revive Galvatron as Super Megatron.

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