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TCC magazine 2016 comic storyline - "Of Masters and Mayhem"

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:14 pm
by Sabrblade
The Transformers Collectors Club Facebook has announced the new comic storyline for the TCC magazines to come in 2016. The story is called "Of Masters and Mayhem" and will feature the characters of the 2016 Figure Subscription Service toys (the Mayhem Attack Squad and Impactor), along with the 2016 membership incentive figure Ramjet. The story will be follow on from the end of 2015's "Another Light" storyline, which saw all of the humans and Autobot Pretenders warped away from the Classicsverse Earth to a new Earth in another universe (as the Classicsverse Earth was about to undergo a great transformation of godly proportions at the time). "Of Masters and Mayhem" will show what became of the likes of Spike Witwicky and the Autobot Mega Pretenders after they were all transported away to the new world.

An accompanying poster (designed as a homage to Masterforce's poster) for this new story depicts Spike, Metalhawk, Vroom, Crossblades, and Lisa (a version of whom first appeared back in the dark future of Marvel G1 issue #67 "Rhythms of Darkness!") alongside Impactor as they go up against Ramjet and the Mayhem Attack Squad. Also, in the center of the poster is an older man we've never seen before. Could he be a villain? Perhaps a Decepticon Pretender? Time will tell who or what he is.

The humans from the Classicverse have had their share of other worldly experiences since the Transformers first arrived in 1984. They have seen the war come and go, they have seen their planet taken from their home universe and transported to another, and then they even found themselves removed from the very planet they had always called home!

It has been five years since that day. The humans now have a new earth, a new home, one that is mostly at peace and one that is free of the Transformers! Or so they think... Next year, exclusively in the pages of the TCC Magazine, an exciting new 36 page story begins with Issue 67. Can the humans every truly be free of the war involving the Transformers, or will they always be at the mercy Of Masters and Mayhem!

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