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Beast Wars Metals: Convoy's Great Transformation!

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Beast Wars Metals: Convoy's Great Transformation!

Postby Sabrblade » Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:42 pm

Ever the busy bees, anime fansubbing group Karyuudo Fansubs has provided us with yet another special treat of Japanese Transformers animation subtitled in English. This time, they have provided us with a fansub of the second Japanese Beast Wars movie, titled "Beast Wars Metals: Convoy's Great Transformation!" Though this "movie" is actually just the Japanese version of one of the season 3 episodes of the American Beast Wars cartoon, it was treated as a movie in Japan as it was only released over there in theaters as part of a special Summer 1999 triple-feature film of animated works based on Takara properties. And while this movie version of the episode did eventually come to VHS in Japan, it did not air on TV over there with the other regular episodes, and nor was it ever released on DVD in Japan. But now, Karyuudo Fansubs has created a special high quality release of the movie using various materials to recreate the movie on a level comparable to DVD quality, complete with all new English subtitles and extra bonuses to top off this ambitious project. Below is a copy of this release's original announcement.


Hey everyone,

We're back with another release which you won't find anywhere else. We're proud to present to you a DVD quality release of Beast Wars Metals: Convoy's Great Transformation.

For those of you who are not aware, when Beast Wars Metals was released in Japan, there was a theatrical special which used footage from the Beast Wars season 3 episode called Cutting Edge. This special was released on VHS, but not on DVD. Fortunately, Walruslaw managed to get his hands on it, and was kind enough to capture a copy of the VHS cassette for us to use.

While the audio of the release was free of any issues, the video quality was definitely not up to par. However, there was some luck that with the release of the Music Matrix DVD (courtesy of Rockman666) we were able to get the opening of the special in a DVD quality format. However, this didn't solve the issue of the rest of the episode. Thus, we began a project to splice the DVD video from the US releases, and transpose them over top of the VHS footage so that it would match 1:1 (of close to it anyway!)

One of the biggest issues however, was the ending credits, which required a complete reconstruction from scratch. Using both Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, we managed to put together a version which is extremely comparable to a retail copy - if it were to ever exist. We also would like to thank Primal Sabbath for his assistance with identifying each of the clips shown during the ending sequence, as well as Micchan’s assistance with the Japanese credits, so that it was possible to re-create the ending credits in its entirety. And last but not least, we’d like to make a big thank you to our translator, Takae, who felt this release would not be complete without being subtitled in English for Western audiences.

What this release includes:

Beast Wars Metals: Convoy's Great Transformation (DVD Quality Version - MKV format)
  • Original Japanese language with 2 optional sets of English subtitles. The 1st set is with the original Japanese faction names, honorifics, and translated command code for changing modes
  • 2nd set is for casual fans which replaces the Japanese factions names, character names, honorifics, and command code for changing modes into the Western names.
Beast Wars Metals: Convoy's Great Transformation (VHS Quality Version - MP4 format)
  • This version contains no subtitles, as it has been included solely for reference to compare with our reconstructed version.
Reference Guide - A PDF Format Guide explaining translations, cultural references and information about the special

CD Singles (FLAC format)
  • Ano Yume no Kanata e ・WA! WA! Wonderland - C.O.A.
Videos (Various formats)
  • Beast Wars Convoy's Great Transformation Commercials
Images (JPEG format)
  • VHS Cassette Scan
  • CD Single Scans
To download the torrent, please click here. http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=806869
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