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Commemorating over 100 episodes of Transformers: Rescue Bots

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Commemorating over 100 episodes of Transformers: Rescue Bots

Postby Sabrblade » Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:49 pm

It truly is something, isn't it? After over three decades of Transformers cartoons, who would have thought that by the year 2016, thirty-two years after the brand's onset, we would finally have the first official Transformers cartoon to ever reach and surpass the benchmark of 100 episodes? And to think, the first of these to reach this benchmark would be none other than arguably the most unorthodox of TF cartoons: Transformers: Rescue Bots.


It all started back in the year 2011, when Hasbro's Playskool branch launched the Transformers: Rescue Bots toyline under its Playskool Heroes label as the newest iteration of a preschool-aimed Transformers line. Little did Hasbro know how much bigger a phenomenon this line was to become in the years to follow. Not long after did word arise of Hasbro Studios creating a cartoon series for this toyline, but no one at the time could have ever known that it would go on to become the longest-running Transformers cartoon of all time.

December 17, 2011 was the date on which the first two episodes of the series premiered on the Hub as a special sneak preview of what was to come later. Many Transformers fans were initially skeptical of this show's prospect, but those first two episodes were quick to win many-a-fan over with their solid, witty, and smart writing that treated audience members with a dignity and respect seen more commonly in cartoons written for bigger kids rather than preschoolers. In many ways, the show proved to be quite mature and insightful at several points in its run.

On February 18, 2012, the show began in full force, and has continued to air on the Hub, now Discovery Family, ever since. It all seemed to be so simple at first, too. A routine patrol that left four bots in stasis had years later brought them to the planet Earth, where they awoke and were assigned by Optimus Prime to not only learn from and work with humanity as ambassadors, but as well to serve and protect them as Rescue Bots. Teaming up with the Burns Family of first-responders, the Autobots Heatwave, Chase, Blades, and Boulder worked together to fight fires, floods, and crime, or anything in between. From flying lobsters and space squilsh to earthquakes and volcanoes, even to alien attacks and unbeatable criminal masterminds, Rescue Force Sigma-17 has practically seen it all and faced it all head on!

Across four amazing seasons, the show has really come a long way from its roots. New allies have come in the seafarer High Tide, his trusty Mini-Con helper Servo, the rambunctious Blurr, the resourceful Salvage, and the secret agent femme Quickshadow. Likewise, new and more dangerous enemies have come and gone in the brilliant and diabolical scientist Dr. Thaddeus Morocco, the clever duo of twin brother hacker-thieves Evan and Myles, the cunning and shrewd businesswoman Madeline Pynch, and the ambitious game hunter Colonel Quint Quarry, as well as some minor antagonists such as the corrupt artificial intelligence Vigil, or Quarry's equally ambitious brother Lord Thurston Chumley. Even crossover characters from both Transformers: Prime and Transformers: Robots in Disguise have come into play now and then, including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and even a troublesome Cyclone Mini-Con named Bounce. But most of all, the Bots have since exposed their true identities as living alien robot lifeforms to the entire town, who have come to accept the Bots as fellow citizens of their fair island.

As of this typing on October 20, 2016, exactly 102 episodes have aired on Discovery Family (October 20 = 10/20; 10 2, 102, get it?). On October 1, the 100th episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots aired on Discovery Family. But about a week before that, a completely different episode entirely was made available on iTunes. The episode that aired on Discovery Family was titled "A Brush With Danger", whereas the one that aired a week before that on iTunes was "To Infinity...And Back". On the same day that "A Brush With Danger" aired, iTunes released yet another different episode called "Family Business". "A Brush With Danger" would not get released on iTunes until October 8, the same day that "To Infinity...And Back" aired on Discovery Family ("Family Business" would go on to air on Discovery Family on October 15).

This incongruity between Discovery Family's episode airings and iTunes's episode releases has raised a few questions over which is the correct order for these three episodes (#100, #101, and #102). As iTunes is not usually in the business of releasing Rescue Bots episodes out of order, one has to wonder if it was Discovery Family who might have aired these three out of order, as "To Infinity...And Back" feels much more like a 100-episode commemoration than "A Brush With Danger" does. However, the week that iTunes released "To Infinity...And Back" (September 24), Discovery Family took a break from airing new episodes for that weekend. Had it not, the iTunes order would have still been out of sync with that of Discovery Family. Furthermore, prior to the TV airing of "A Brush With Danger", Hasbro had released a press release promoting that episode as the 100th episode. It did air as the 100th, but only time will tell what the correct order for these three is supposed to be.

Therefore, episodes 100, 101, and 102 are provided below by name rather than by number:

"A Brush With Danger" --> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4wufq0

"To Infinite...And Back" --> http://kisscartoon.me/Cartoon/Transformers-Rescue-Bots-Season-4/Episode-22

"Family Business" --> http://kisscartoon.me/Cartoon/Transformers-Rescue-Bots-Season-4/Episode-23

To close, we are now two days away from the Discovery Family airing of Part 1 of the two-part Transformers: Rescue Bots season 4 finale (which has also currently been released on iTunes as of last Saturday, October 15). The computer-generated Dr. Morocco virus returns for one more confrontation with the Rescue Bots as they find themselves split into new teams by Optimus Prime. Will Morocco finally succeed in defeating our heroes once and for all? Roll to the rescue this Saturday morning to find out!

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