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Original concept ideas first planned for BotCon 2016

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Original concept ideas first planned for BotCon 2016

Postby Sabrblade » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:42 pm

Let us journey back in time two years to the very last BotCon convention, BotCon 2016. This convention featured a Beast Wars Combiner Wars set of exclusive toys, and a comic story that was set as a prequel to the Beast Wars cartoon placed at the end of the Great War of G1. However, this was not what was originally planned for that convention's toys and comic story. Originally, the theme of that year was going to be for the critically-acclaimed, alternate universe series known as Beast Wars: Uprising, a series who success and popularity only really took off in the months following the convention. Prior to then, the first plans for BotCon 2016 were to flesh out the still-growing world of Beast Wars: Uprising, but Hasbro requested that the theme instead be Combiner Wars.

Now, the Facebook and Twitter for Night Shining, Inc. (the new company now in charge of RoboCon, A.K.A. Pete's Robot Convention, the unofficial spiritual successor to BotCon) have shared some of these preliminary concepts for the Beast Wars: Uprising-themed ideas for BotCon 2016, which can all be seen below.

A preliminary BotCon 2016 souvenir concept for Undermine aka Unit-3 from the BW2 Lio Convoy mold. He was actually dropped from the final proposal, but then the proposal got changed to Combiner Wars and he was added back in using the Streetwise mold.

Check out what would have been the convention exclusives and story for BotCon 2016 before it was recommended that it be changed to Combiner Wars. Which do you prefer? Let is know in the comments. Definitely a few here that the team what worked on the sets would have still liked to have seen!
Story: War has gripped Cybertron for millions of years, the deadly stalemate threatening to wipe Cybertronian civilization from existence. Both Autobot and Decepticon, their ranks depleted, have turned to creating a new generation of fighters to carry on the conflict. These Maximals and Predacons are thus forced into a lethal battle not of their making, forced to arm themselves and continue a war that they know nothing about. As the struggle rages, groups on both sides of the battlefield realize that their true enemies stand not before them, but behind them as the oligarchy at home. A new war looms, a BEAST WARS… The uprising has begun!
• Predacon Megatron
• Predacon Dinobot
• Predacon Blackarachnia
• Predacon Terrorsaur
• Vehicon Jetstorm
Attendee Free Figure
• Predacon Scorponok
• Maximal Big Convoy
• Maximal Rattrap
• Maximal Silverbolt
• Predacon Scylla
• Maximal Command Security Force

Take a look at the ideas first planned  for the BotCon 2016 exclusive action figure set:
But first, here's a closer look at how the Maximal Security troopers' head decoes could have worked:
(Thanks to @seibertroncom for the original images)
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Original concept ideas first planned for BotCon 2016

Postby AlinaPyday » Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:07 am

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