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New email update for RoboCon 2018

PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:02 pm
by Sabrblade
Pete Sinclair of Night Shining, Inc. has just sent out a new email update regarding RoboCon 2018, the unofficial spiritual successor to BotCon. Registration is still open and there are two customization classes available to take, with more surprises yet to come. Below is a copy of the full email message.

Good evening!

We are already less than 5 months away from Pete’s Robot Convention AKA RoboCon 2018! A couple quick updates. If you have not heard, we have added not one but TWO Custom classes to this years show. You can choose from either Shattered Glass Swoop with a new face sculpt and/or the Collectors’ Club Gorilla Pretender Shell customized in to a Pretender Shell for you Legends class Gears. (You can also add a second Gorilla Pretender Shell, the character to be announced in the next couple of weeks…)

So, if you haven’t yet registered for your attendee package and your custom classes, you can do that today at

We will also be announcing additional vendors and artists very soon! Our exhibitor hall is almost sold out so if you know any dealers that you want to see at the show tell them to get their booth ordered before they are all gone!

Any questions? Drop me a line any time.

We will have more exciting updates on both our Facebook and Twitter throughout the coming months.

All the best!

- Pete