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Beast Wars Neo with English Fansubtitles Coming in Late 2018

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:41 am
by Sabrblade
Karyuudo Fansubs (the anime fansubbing group that has previously provided the Transformers fandom with complete English subtitled releases of Car Robots, Zone, Micron Densetsu, Beast Wars Second, and Scramble City) has announced their next English subtitled release of another Japanese Transformers series. It is none other than the long-awaited second Japanese-original Beast Wars series, Super Lifeform Transformers: Beast Wars Neo! In this show, things go in a more Star Trek-esque direction as the Cybertrons (Maximals) led by Big Convoy travel across space in search of Angolmois Capsules, which they must prevent from falling into the clutches of the Destrons (Predacons) led by Magmatron.

Full announcement below:

Coming in Late 2018, the final chapter of the Japanese Beast Wars saga, Beast Wars Neo, will be released by Karyuudo Fansubs with English Subtitles.


Q: Why will this take so long to complete?
A: Like everyone else in the world, we have families, jobs and lives outside of subtitling. As with our other releases, we take our time to ensure you're receiving the best and most accurate translation possible.

Q: Don't you have a more accurate release date?
A: Unfortunately not at this time. We're projecting a late 2018 release to factor in life commitments since that usually pushes our time frame back. Any questions on "when will this be done" will be politely ignored. :)

Q: Why not release the episodes as you complete them?
A: With many series, there are themes and terms that are covered over many episodes and sometimes disappear and pop up later on. Sometimes we find ourselves going back to alter a translation to ensure the story makes sense and flows smoothly. In the end it's better to complete all the episodes and feel 100% satisfied that we're translating the dialogue as it was intended.

Q: Do you require any additional assistance in regards to grammar, timing scripts, etc?
A: Thank you, but we're covered on all areas for this project.

Q: Will you charge for this?
A: No. We do this simply because we love Transformers, and want to see this long awaited series completed.

Bonus Q&A
Q: "I guess you guys beat me to the punch! Congrats on finishing Beast Wars 2! I would like to help in ANY way to finish Beast Wars Neo if I can by contributing the first 10 subbed scripts that I have..."
A: Since August of 2016, we've seen several comments come in such as this one above where individuals are offering to help complete Beast Wars Neo. To this date, we haven't seen one person actually complete this series. We could make several assumptions, that they got busy, bored, or were simply trying to get access to our resources in order to take credit for contributing to the release in some way. Let's be honest here, if you can translate 10 episodes of a series accurately by yourself, then you can easily translate the other 25 episodes in no time without our help. :)