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Answer to Transformers Prime Bonus Q & A round!

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Answer to Transformers Prime Bonus Q & A round!

Postby Obsidian » Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:55 pm

It seems that the folks on the Unicron.com forms were most interested in some clarification on Dark Energon. We assume this rare mystical substance will continue to play a role in TF: Prime...

Background: There seems to be a bit of discrepancy between the properties of the Dark Energon seen in the recent Exodus (novel) /War for Cybertron (video game) story arches and the Dark Energon seen in the Transformers: Prime cartoon. In the novel, Dark Energon (referred to as the "Sparks of Unicron") acts as a questionably liquid drug-like power up used by the Decepticons. War for Cybertron portrayed Dark Energon in a vaguely similar manner only usually in crystal form like in TF: Prime. However, in the TF: Prime cartoon, Dark Energon, called "Blood of Unicron", acts as a reanimator of the dead. The Dark Energon of the game/novel seems to require a living vessel to accommodate it (whenever a "Darkened" Decepticon would die in the book, its Dark Energon would leave that corpse behind and pass on to another living Con), the Dark Energon of the cartoon practically thrives on the deceased.

Question: If Cybertron had already been infected with Dark Energon in War For Cybertron/Exodus, how was Megatron able to reinfect it in Transformers: Prime? Why did the Transformers act like they had never encountered Dark Energon before? Is there an any official distinction between the "Sparks of Unicron" Dark Energon (game/book) and the "Blood of Unicron" Dark Energon seen in the Prime cartoon? Are they unique variants of Dark Energon with different properties; a different kind of Dark Energon, or will we discover that this Dark Energon has these other aforementioned properties as well? Basically any clarification you could provide on Dark Energon would be great!

From: Aaron Archer; VP IP Development, Hasbro

The reasons for the confusion will be revealed in the stories that will be told over the next few years. It is a plan and not an oversight. Dark Energon is a newly introduced substance and will be a major factor in the coming conflict and it should not be clear to fans as to what is going on as the final card hasn't been played.

Hasbro was on fire this round! Great questions, great answers. Check out additional Q&A's at other sites: (listed in alphabetical order)
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Re: Answer to Transformers Prime Bonus Q & A round!

Postby perceptor » Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:11 pm

Obsidian wrote:From: Aaron Archer; VP IP Development, Hasbro

The reasons for the confusion will be revealed... It is a plan and not an oversight...

LOVE that answer!!! :lol: Thanks to all our forum contributors for the outstanding question!
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Re: Answer to Transformers Prime Bonus Q & A round!

Postby Sabrblade » Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:30 pm

Well that's... vague. At least they're aware of the anomalous effects of Dark Energon seen across the media. I mean, the Darkened Deceptcions of the games and book were NOT Terrorcons in the slightest.

TFWiki pretty much got the same answer to their question (their's was somewhat similar, but more geared towards the continuity of the game/book/show as a whole).

I get that they can't answer us with anything too revealing, but do they really expect us to believe that this Dark Energon discrepancies was done on purpose? I mean, there's no shame in admitting mistakes. I just really find it hard to believe that they'd make it work one way in the games/book, and then be like "Oh, let's make it work completely different from before in the show! We'll just retcon its old function into working with this later on!"

... er, wait! What am I saying?! Of course they would think up that! They do that all the time! Forced retcons have become integral parts of what makes this the Transformers franchise! :P :lol: :roll:

EDIT: Though, TFW2005 got some great answers. Glad that Hasbro isn't completely tight-lipped. :D
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Re: Answer to Transformers Prime Bonus Q & A round!

Postby lioconvoy » Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:22 am

hmm ambiguous answer but perhaps there is a reason ... its possible rite? rite?

what am i saying it will be a crazy retcon lol even so lets wait and findout
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