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RIP Michael Lindsay, voice of RiD 2001 Skid-Z and Rollbar

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:58 pm
by Sabrblade
It is with deep sadness that we must report that, on August 31, 2019, voice actor Michael Lindsay passed away at the age of 56. This news comes to us from the Twitter accounts of Trevor Dylan, Rob Benoit, and Marissa Lenti. Best known for his work in anime dubbing, Lindsay provided the English dub voices for the likes of Joe Kido and Greymon in Digimon Adventure, Rick in DinoZaurs, Kankuro in Naruto, Kisuke Urahara in Bleach, ShinichirĊ Tamaki in Code Geass, and more.

For Transformers, he was best known as the voices of Skid-Z ("skids") and Rollbar in the 2001 Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon. Skid-Z was an Autobot racer who had an unusually high competitive edge, always needing to win every race he could, so much that he would enter any race of any kind, including car racing, bicycle racing, or even foot racing. Rollbar, meanwhile, was the green jeep member of the Decepticon Commandos, able to form an arm or leg of the combiner Ruination, and had a thick southern drawl and an easygoing demeanor, always cracking wise whenever he felt like it.

Rest in peace, Mr. Lindsay. You will be missed, dearly.