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Mut was began by mut 20 coins

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Mut was began by mut 20 coins

Postby mmogomlb » Sat Mar 21, 2020 7:26 am

Mut was began by mut 20 coins me at the start of January through source premier and it had been great up till I got to the point where I needed to purchase more packs to receive anymore cards that were somewhat decent. Drove me to the realization that EA just needs my money(that can be fine certainly they are running a business) however at the expense of just what $15-$20 per quality card? $100 to get a card that is great that is guaranteed. I'd like I work hard for my money and if I was young and didn't know in the reality that this is literally gambling I would've maxed my parents credit card or two. Honest to god not certain how ea has not been sued for child gambling since currency has been exchanged. But hey that's just my ted talk.

The concept of earning a group of playing cards squeezed me in I adored it. You unlock an account and would need to grind all day. Or, you could pay $4.99 (I believe ) to get a pack and attempt to unlock it quicker. This is the same mechanic which slot machines use imo. Even and iv seen kids adults that will watch the 10 minute video and all that's happening of a streamer is that this dude is launching packs lol.

I concur that MUT is a pretty pitiful game mode anymore if you join the forums and discord by simply playing the sport you can find a great group. The game is determined by the"whales" that are addicted to the way to purchase a bunch of packs and not the majority of the people. For instance at the start of this calendar year, you started out without coins however the chance to get 2 86 OVR players free by performing an hours worth of solo struggles. Through these challenges you could easily grab quite a few other elite level cards for that period of the year. You took the 86 OVR cards (one was a Baker Mayfield that sucked so bad and was worse than many cheap ass QB's) and place them into a set that gave you an 87-88 card. The majority of the -88's of 87 went for the very first bit of this game for 200k.

You're permitted to have five Xbox accounts on each and every game of Madden. For approximately six hours out of a few of your days, you could stand up the free cards and market them, get great pulls (Ramsey, Von Miller, Khalil Mack we're among the terrific pulls but they had insanely higher pull speeds ) and walk off with over a million coins and a ton of training. You then invest those coins into other forms of earning coins (buy low OVR legend cards on saturdays when the legends fell, sell later in the week if their price went up a lot) and you essentially have sufficient money to construct a competitive group throughout the year.

The only part that you shouldn't be doing is buying packs unless it's packs that are cheap mut 20 coins glitched (such as the Calvin Johnson LTD packs which gave away an LTD every couple of packs a couple years back, or even the TOTW in madden 18 that gave you the top OVR's in a super high rate), since each and every year of MUT they've increased the price of packs AND produced the pull ratios worse. By way of example, at madden 17 a supreme Legend pack was. Currently regular legend packs are $15, and ultimate's will probably be $15 or $20 PER PACK.

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