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Have you ever regretted buying a certain figure?

If its about Transformers, the toys, it's fair game.

Re: Have you ever regretted buying a certain figure?

Postby ironrod prime » Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:05 am

CYLON (13) wrote:
Tacticon wrote:There's always times for us all to learn lessons and I definitely did... I regret getting - "Straightaway Shootout" Legend Pack. Now I have no clue why I got em', especially in my opinion there's nothing unique about their molds... AAARRGH!!

I got suckered on that $3 Clearance at Target..... :oops:

$3 clearance? That doesn't sound like such a bad deal.

i dont know what hes complainin about those are some of the best legion/legend class molds and for 3 bucks no less heck if he doesnt want em ill take em :D
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ironrod prime
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Re: Have you ever regretted buying a certain figure?

Postby bharrell » Thu May 17, 2012 9:14 am

i am usually a very impulsive buyer and i end up regretting a lot of the the buys i have although i usually sell them again if i really realize that they don't belong to my collection. i get to sell them at a cheaper price though it is much better than regretting the buy and feeling like i lost the money and wasted it right. :smile:
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