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Protecting and taking inventory of TF stuff.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:07 pm
by cyberwuss
I am getting ready to do a big organizing project for my entire TF collection, starting with action figures.

I am going to document every TF item I have, with the toys I will organize them by character as much as possible, starting with Optimus Prime.

Right now I have alot of figures opened but I repackage them in their original box or card package. Part of my process is to remove extra bubble stuff I don't have a use for, I am saving all card backers but removing the bubble packing that wastes alot of space.

For deluxe size and down that came on a card Im storing the cards together and the figures together. Eventually I would like to have accessories and instructions in zip lock bags with index cards to identify what goes with who.

All bots will be turned to alt mode to take less space.

I am going to track my progress with a computer spreadsheet program, likely gnumeric or openoffice calc so I can take a total inventory once it is done.

Eventually long term I want all my stuff organized in standardized boxes by character. I want to be able to have quick access to my collection and also protect my TF stuff from potential disasters.

I am going to use fairly cheap cardboard boxes, I have been using rubbermaid style boxes but I have to stack those and the lids are stressing out some with little gashes in them so I decided to swap to stackable cardboard and then put those in a larger cabinet or shelf I can arrange to be waterproof with a tarp or something to go on top.

I have a pretty good setup planned right now going to be waterproof and crush damage resistant.

I wouldn't mind advice for fire protection.

Here is stuff I am most likely definitely going to use so far as in most likely specific brand and product: ... k/16349597 ... l/16680982

On the spreadsheet, that is mostly to use the text features not the math ones, I am just getting something that I can print out a few copies of.

I want one copy I can access from my computer and a printed copy for a desk drawer so I can look stuff up if I have to even with the power out.

I might also print a copy for fireproof safe or something, like where most smart people keep things like birth certificates etc.

I have a pretty decent investment in my TF collection I am trying to protect and mostly wanted to start a thread for trading ideas on this topic.

Biggest advice I need right now is probably some kind of flame resistant tarp or cabinet I can keep my stuff in if there might be a fire.

Trying to prepare for alot of disaster types just to be safe... within reason I mean I dont want to build an underground bunker just for my TF stuff but I would like to have standard common disaster stuff with a prevention plan.

UPDATE: For my shelf I will most likely use a rolling shelf with flame resistant tarp combo, so something like this for the shelf: ... gMethod=rr

On the tarps I don't need huge tarps, Id rather have just enough to cover a single shelf and use more smaller tarps that are just big enough for that.

I wanted the wheeled shelf so that I can move around easier if I need.

Re: Protecting and taking inventory of TF stuff.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:24 pm
by cyberwuss
So far got some banker boxes and bubble wrap as well as small ziploc bags to wrap accessories and instructions in.

Still checking out some shelves and stuff but will be starting on the process soon.