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AOE Toys that need to exist

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AOE Toys that need to exist

Postby OptimusPhillip » Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:41 am

Just a thread where I share ideas for AOE toys that I feel should exist and where you guys can share your own ideas. Here are a couple to start out.

Voyager Class Western Star Optimus Prime: So far, every mainline AOE Prime toy based on this body has been either as big or bigger than Grimlock and bigger than his archfoe Galvatron. In addition, a Voyager Class would have more room to cheat, meaning that they can tuck away truck parts and make a more convincing robot mode. They could make a backpack or maybe even find a way to tuck the parts inside his body, but either way, he won't have a bunch of truck parts plastered all over him in a way that vaguely resembles the parts in the movie.

Leader Class Scorn: It won't be the first Deluxe character to get a Leader Class toy, and he'll scale better with Grimlock, since he was a little bigger in the movie

Deluxe Class Stinger: It'd be a mainline toy of Stinger. Need I say more?

Voyager Classes of Strafe and Slug would be nice, but they're not high on my list. Any toys you'd like to see? Sound off below.
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