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Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light Collector's Guide

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Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light Collector's Guide

Postby Cryotek » Thu Oct 30, 2014 9:03 am

Hello all,

I hope it is ok to post this here (I don't want to be doing the internet equivalent of fly-tipping) but I've just launched a Kickstarter to produce a free printed collectors guide for the Visionaries toyline Knights of the Magical Light; we have comic veteran Bob Hall working on some snazzy cover art and Hasbro has, after some coaxing, given us permission to go ahead a produce the publication.

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/516 ... -collector

For those not in the know (or are thinking of Supernaturals, those fiendish pretenders) Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light was a toy line released by Hasbro in 1987 and featured a heavy focus on holographic and foil stickers. Like many other 80's toy lines it had its own short lived Marvel Comic run and a Sunbow Cartoon series with voice work from Peter Cullen and Chris Latta. The figures had a very similar build and set of articulation as GiJoe figures but a tad tubbier and can be found haunting ebay lots and carboot boxes the world over.

We are planning, if this project receives the adequate funding, to keep going and producing free guides for other vintage lines that tend to get overlooked or forgotten, with the manufacturers permission of course (with Bravestarr and the Action Force line are top of the list, as hasbro already shot down a Transformers Armada guide).

But even if you don't fancy donating, if the project reaches its target, you can still pick up a free book! Lovely, lovely free stuff.

Edit: Ah, i've just spotted where it should have been posted, I'm not sure how i was quite that blind.
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