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CW Armada Megatron vs G1 Megatron Leader class

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CW Armada Megatron vs G1 Megatron Leader class

Postby cyberwuss » Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:48 pm

I was at first going to pick up G1 over Armada, but when I had Armada in my hands this week it looked alot better than it did in the online shots, so Armada won for me. I hadn't had a decent Armada Megs before this anyway and wanted one to go along with other Armada stuff too.

So which is better is hard to say, the Armada one has grown on me though.

Which does everyone prefer who has one so far or is planning on getting one?

EDIT: Also the cannon felt a bit small to look right on a G1 Megatron, so that was part of my choice too :p
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