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Looking to sell my G1 Transformers - no idea where to start

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:40 pm
by footose
I basically have saved every toy I ever had since I was a kid. I have a bunch of things like Ghostbusters, GIJoes and .. of course .. Transformers.

I really haven't opened these since I was like 12 (Im 34 now), but all of this stuff is just sitting in my basement not doing anything. I've decided that I should try to sell some of it.

I'm hoping that the experts here at Unicorn could tell me a few simple things:

1) Am I wasting my time selling these? Should I just give them to my nephew or something?

2) If not - do you have any idea what this "collection" would be worth if I put them up on eBay? Is there anything in here that someone would try to take advantage of me with (as in, buy it from me for $10 dollars and its worth $500 or something), or are they all "generic" toys?

Now - All of these toys were "played with" - but I was pretty good at keeping the pieces together - I'm pretty sure all of them are "complete" .. might be missing a gun or something here and there but I have no real idea.

I have taken a few pix to show what I have, if anyone has a few mins to give me a quick assessment as to what I can do with this stuff, that would be awesome!


Here are more detailed pix:

Talk soon!

Re: Looking to sell my G1 Transformers - no idea where to st

PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:16 pm
by Agent X
Sell it to TFSource, they will grade the figures and tell you what they are worth