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ToyFair 2016 - summary

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:26 pm
by perceptor
Listed below are a summary of links from our complete coverage from ToyFair 2016.

LINK: pre-show warm-up! Hasbro Pulse unveils high rez photos of package art from upcoming Titans Return figures: Hardhead, Mindwipe, Scourge and Blurr. - Complete with Q&A with the artist Ken Christensen.

LINK: Notes from Hasbro - Transformers Team Presentation (no photos or videos allowed.)

LINK: Rescue Bots toy display.

LINK 1 and LINK 2: Debuted at Hasbro ToyFair preview event, Robots In Disguise Supreme Class Power Surge Optimus Prime! The second link is to a video demonstration of his Mini-con unlocking features...

LINK: New Robots in Disguise Mini-cons on display at ToyFair!

LINK of all LINKS! Debuted at ToyFair 2016, Titan's Return, Titan Class, FORTRESS MAXIMUS!!!

LINK: Titans Return Chromedome! info and images

LINK: Powermaster Optimus Prime! info and images

LINK: Robots in Disguise Bisk!

LINK: remainder of Titan's Return Deluxes Wave 1: Blurr, Mindwipe and Scourge

LINK: Officially licensed Metal Earth, 3D metal modeling kits!

LINK: Photos and info on the upcoming Platinum Series, Generations figure sets: Armada of Cyclonus and Planet of Junk Clash

LINK: Lots of other (non-Transformers) cool toys from the show floor of ToyFair 2016.

LINK: Platinum Grimlock and Bumblebee from the RID cartoon series!

LINK: More new Robots in Disguise Warrior Class toys revealed: Windblade and Scorponok

LINK: Titan's Return, Legends Class Wheelie

LINK: and last, but not least, the only Combiner Wars figure on display, VICTORION (giftset)

LINK: Fortress Maximus publicity renders and photos added to database

LINK: __ publicity renders and photos added to database

Re: ToyFair 2016 - summary

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:55 pm
by cyberwuss
Excited about the new Optimus figures, even the Rescue Bots one with the trailer looks interesting.

Also hyped for Bisque and a few of the other RiD figures as well as some of the other titans return stuff on display. Scourge looks great.

Hopefully distribution to store shelves shapes up a little better than what it has been lately by the time these come out!