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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:42 am
by starry* *night
What's everybody's :?:

apologize if this topic exists a way back..I'll move this

Here's mine:

Japanese transformers SCF ramjet

Japanese transformers SCF thrust

A RAVAGE classic style-ish toy that matches in size animal minicons

HOC x2 (or 3) seeker pack repaints

MECHAFORM 02 Paddle..if he exists

titanium die-cast 6in Optimus Don style

G1 catilla (no shell needed)


lots of sound waves :P

Bot Con tigatron doesn't glow like the promo picture color scheme so I kinda (half) gave up

lofty hopes: ain't been built yet toys

same robot mode revised alt DROPSHOT

that epic fox drawing i posted from someone's stellar handwork

my own horse tf ' Die' (as in die cast metal working element) '-Hoof '

please post your's guys