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Coverage from ToyFair 2017

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:56 am
by perceptor
This thread will consolidate and provide links to the many news post and photo galleries, as we make each of our reports from the hallowed halls of ToyFair 2017!

- VIDEO Knight Armor Turbo Changers Hound & Megatron - Transformers Design Team member Luis DeArmas shows us their knight armor "Turbo Changers" (formerly "Hyperchange" aka 3-Step) toys, coming as part of the Transformers The Last Knight line.

- Titans Return (Headmaster) Deluxe Windblade Reveal!

- Titans Return Legends Class Seaspray Reveal!

- Voyager Class Megatron from the Last Knight - surprisingly well done for its pricepoint.

- Dragonstorm - the mystery identity of the 3-headed dragon continues!

- Playskool Baby Transformers Display - Awwwwwe so cute!

- The Last Knight Drift Premiere Deluxe

- Michael Bay and som or The Last Knight Cast visit #HasbroToyFair Display!

- Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Thermidor and Windblade with battle mask

- The Last Knight Leader Class Megatron - Quite possibly the best Movie Megatron toy to date, this impressive new toy, is quite an eye-opener!

- The Last Knight Premiere Edition Dinobots - galleries include photos of the Deluxe Slash, Slug, Strafe and Voyager Grimlock each with new decos

- Rescue Bots Toy Demo - video demonstration of Race Track Optimus Prime playset.

- Rescue Bots Display gallery of new toys shown

- Blitzwing and Octane revealed and now provide compliment to Astrotrain and complete the Titans Return Voyager Scale Decepticon Triple Changers! DAANG, they are looking good as a trio!

- Hasbro Publicity Photos from new Generations toy reveals at ToyFair 2017

- Hasbro Publicity Photos from new The Last Knight movie toy reveals at ToyFair 2017.

- Steelbane, "The First Knight" provides some interesting food for thought as to what his role might be in the upcoming film...

- Masterpiece Bumblebee: Although he's part of this year's The Last Knight design, he's based on the 2007 Concept Camaro and Movie 1 design. Closer scale to other movie toys than Human Alliance, this toy may now be the definitive Movie Bumblebee.

- Jumpstarters Get an Upgrade! - Check out our first look at Twin Twist, companion of Topspin, coming this year!

- Overlord - We've been waiting (not so patiently!) and we finally got our first look at this Titans Return Leader Class figure

- Seige on Cybertron - Series Pack set reveal includes Ginrai (Takara's Powermaster Optimus Prime), Energon Tidal Wave, Metalhawk, and Decepticon Clone Pounce

- Chaos on Velocitron - Series Pack revealed includes Quickswitch, G2 Laser Optimus Prime, Nautica & Fastlane

- Trypticon - features and highlights video with Transformers Design Director John Warden.

- Hasbro Panel Presentation Notes - no pix allowed during presentation, but we learned a lot!

- Forged to Fight new trailer launched!

- Hasbro Tweets - sneak peak of showroom, the night before the event!

- IGN Article shares more info on Trypticon, including concept art and more!

- ToyFair Preview - Trypticon unveiled! Thanks to Hasbro PR for providing us publicity photos as this monster is unveiled!

Re: Coverage from ToyFair 2017

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:25 pm
by Wing Saber
Tidal Wave looks sick

Re: Coverage from ToyFair 2017

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:37 pm
by cyberwuss
can't see tidal wave, the fb link takes me to a duplicate link of the one with nautica

If overlord is just a retool of sky shadow (from the looks of it, yes) I'll probably just get sky shadow and six shot versions of those (if I find em.)

Wish I could afford to lay down the cash for Trypticon :p

EDIT: oh wait now I see it following from fb main page, think I'll get broadside version of that too as I really like his jet mode colors.