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Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:05 pm
by Sabrblade
Aside from the new commercial break, episode 7 only had one major edit:

1. All the shots of Raf's crowbar striking the very first Scraplet they encounter are cut. Right after Jack stops him from hitting it any further, a shot of the damaged Scraplet is inserted right as Jack says his "Easy there, killer," line. And the "killer" bit of said line of Jack's was cut, leaving only "Easy there--" intact.

2. The new commercial break played immediately after Raf says, "And how do we fix it?" (in regards to the damaged Energon fuel line)

Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:01 am
by Sabrblade
Episode 8 had three edits:

1. When the three Autobots go through the GroundBridge to meet the newly-arrived "Wheeljack" for the first time, right after we see Bulkhead gaze in awe of "Wheeljack" having defeated all the Vehicons by himself, the quick moment of "Wheeljack" impaling a Vehicon by driving his sword up through and out the back of its body, and then pulling the sword out just before the stabbed Con stumbles for a second and then falls over, is cut. So it instead cuts from Bulkhead's shocked gaze right to the Vehicon stumbling before falling over.

2. Right before the commercial break that comes after Makeshift-as-Wheeljack snatches up Miko, there's a shot of Bulkhead giving not-Wheeljack an angry stare. This stare was replaced by a black screen inserted over it. The audio still intact but the video was replaced by black.

3. The new commercial break came immediately after the real Wheeljack said, "All yours, buddy," to Bulkhead.

Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:19 am
by Unicron fan
They don't even like angry stares? :shock:

Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:35 am
by ironrod prime
You sure the black screen wasn't just a glitch

Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:11 pm
by Sabrblade
Ah, crud! I forgot to note episode 9's edits. :oops: Here they are now.

Episode 9 had a whopping total of 7 edits:

1. After the first MECH solider reveals himself from his car's sunroof and orders Fowler to pull over, Fowler reacts in surprise to seeing that their enemy is human with the phrase, "Well, I'll be dipped!" before the camera zooms out. The moment of Fowler saying this line was cut, making the scene cut from MECH's "Pull over!" to the aforementioned zoom out.

2. Silas' line of "Fair warning, we will be helping ourselves to your device, even if it means inflicting casualties," is cut off after "device", removing the bit about casualties and switching right to Fowler's reaction of "Is that so?".

3. When Arcee leaps out from Prime's trailer at the MECH soldier standing on the hood of his car, the exact moment of her impacting the soldier, iknocking him from his vehicle, is covered by a white flash.

4. Starscream's order to the Vehicons of "Find them, and scrap them!" is cut off right after "Find them," removing the scrapping part and instead switching right to the Vehcions' "Yes, Lord Starscream," line.

5. The exact moment that Optimus gets hit by the tree log that one of the Vehicons shoved into his face is covered by a white flash.

6. Jack's line of "Yeah, that would be suicide," is cut off right after the "Yeah."

7. The new commercial break played right after the MECH soldiers break into the train's roof and Miko and Jack halfheartedly threaten them with an axe and a fire extinguiser while saying, "You want a slice of this? Well, DO YA?!" and "What she said," respectively.

BUT, all other forms of violence in this episode were fully intact. The MECH car exploding after Arcee knocks over the soldier in edit #3 still very much explodes, and all the MECH soldier and Vehicon violence that happens elsewhere in the episode remains unchanged. Even Jack and Miko's contemplating their implied possible death from the train crashing is kept.

Next week looks like it could be a rerun, so if it's "Darkness Rising" again, I'll be sure to try and give it the formal side-by-side comparison treatment that I've been doing since episode 6.

Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:08 pm
by Sabrblade
Very late on this, but it turns out Saturday's episode was not a rerun. Episode 10 aired and it had only three edits.

1. When Knock Out stabs Optimus with his Energon prod the first time, Optimus raises his head back and let's out a quick groan in agony, and then falls over forwards. The bit of Optimus lifting his head back and groaning was shortened, with the video cutting to his falling over right as the audio of his groaning played over the cut. This cut was likely made due to the prolonged imagery of Optimus writhing in pain resembling electrocution torture.

2. After Optimus falls over after being stabbed by Knock Out, Knock Out stabs him a second time, once again in a painful and cruel manner, before the scene cuts to Raf saying, "It's Cons!" This second stab was cut out altogether, with the scene instead going from Optimus' fall to Raf's reaction.

3. The new commercial break was placed at a rather cleverly-chosen point. When Starscream starts absorbing underground energon with the harvester, Knock Out and Breakdown watch him while Bulkhead sneaks into the scene far in the background. Then the scene cuts to a closer view of Bulkhead. The new commercial break was inserted between the shot of Knock Out and Breakdown watching and the closer view of Bulkhead. The reason this edit was done well was because the music score in the unedited version changed at this exact moment, with the shot of the Decepticon duo having music that would typically play before the cut to a commercial break, getting all tense and exciting before abruptly switching off, almost as though that scene was always meant to have a commercial break put there.

Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:14 pm
by Sabrblade
Yesterday's Vortexx airing of episode 11 contained... 3 and a half edits. I say "3 and a half" since I'm uncertain as to consider the first change as being its own edit or as a part of the second, much larger edit since the two were so closely related that the first would not have happened without the second. You'll see below.

1. Right after Fast Willy irately yells "HEY!" at Knock Out for ramming into the back of his car, the audio of Knock Out's later line of "You scratch my paint, I scratch yours," was inserted over the video of Knock Out driving behind Willy's car before he goes to hit Willy's car again, this time from the side.

1.5. Right after Knock Out hits Willy's car for the second time and causes the car to jolt a little off to the side, the entire scene of Willy's car going over the side of a cliff, crashing below as Knock Out watches, Willy's tired reaction inside the crashed car, Knock Out saying the above mentioned line, and his backing up from the cliff to drive off were all cut out completely.

Now, the scene cuts right from Knock Out hitting Willy's car from the side and it jolting a bit to Knock Out just driving off, making it look like all Knock Out did was just bump into Willy's car a couple of times before fleeing the scene.

2. After Optimus knocks Knock Out off the road, Optimus pulls over, transforms, and takes one step towards Knock Out. From here, they cut him taking another step or two, a shot of Arcee driving on the road, and Optimus standing over Knock Out before reaching down to pick him up. This was all cut to remove Arcee's line of "Optimus, Knock Out has a hostage," and Optimus's response of "Understood."

So, now it plays out with Optimus transforming a good distance away from Knock Out, suddenly magically appearing right on top of Knock Out's position, and then (with the loss of the "hostage" line) Optimus tearing off Knock Out's door as though he either somehow already knew about Vince being inside Knock Out without having been told, or Optimus didn't know and just felt like ripping off Knock Out's door just for kicks, only happening to find Vince inside. :twisted:

3. The new commercial break played right at the black screen scene transition from the unconscious Vince being held in Optimus' hand to Vince waking up inside Bumblebee with Jack behind the wheel. Like last week's episode, this was a good placement as it honestly looked like a commercial break was meant to be placed there, and I wouldn't be surprised if there had been one there in the Hub's airings of this episode.

Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:41 pm
by Unicron fan
About 2:

Somehow they made that scene nastier by that edit, and I thought they wanted to make it kid friendly. :P

Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:05 pm
by Sabrblade
Well, here it is. The episode many of us were anticipating has aired on Vortexx. Episode 12, "Predatory", had edits that were to be expected, and then some. 8 edits total.

1. During Arcee's first flashback, there's a shot of one of Airachnid's spider limb blades raising up and striking in a quick, downward motion, followed immediately by an impalement sound effect and a splatter of dark liquid on the screen. Then whiteness, ending the flashback. In the edited version, the moment of the blade striking downward and the liquid splatter were cut, showing only the blade rising and then cutting to the whiteness.

2. During Arcee's second flashback, the first shot is of Arcee captured and struggling in her bonds as the camera zooms out to reveal Airachnid standing nearby, in front of Arcee some short distance away. The bit of Arcee struggling as the camera zoomed out was cut, leaving in only the end of the zoom out revealing Airachnid's presence.

3. At the end of Arcee's second flashback, Arcee tilts her head back in vain as Airachnid points her finger at Arcee's cheek. The screen then turns black as we hear a loud metal scraping sound and Arcee giving out an agonizing "NOOOOO!" This blackened torture scene was shortened, cutting out what it could to remove Arcee's yell while leaving in some of the scraping sound.

And yet, in spite of this, Arcee's third flashblack repeats clearer, on screen looks of what was cut in edits 2 and 3 (Arcee struggling and getting her face scratched), and was left completely untouched.

4. During Arcee's fifth flashback (her fourth was when she recalled seeing Airachnid's "trophies" inside the ship), a similar edit to the first one is made. As Airachnid walks over to Tailgate, first she hisses with sadistic glee, then there's a shot of the unconscious Tailgate hanging helplessly, then an extreme close up of Arcee looking fearful, then a shot of Airachnid's blade raising, then another extreme close of of the frightened Arcee, then a shot of the blade striking downward and a subsequent splatter of liquid on the screen with the impalement sound effect, capped off with a final extreme close up of Arcee yelling "TAILGAAAATE...!" as the camera zooms out and closes the flashback. In the edited version, everything underlined was cut.

5. The bit of Airachnid saying, "but I recently picked up some Decepticon radio chatter regarding the passing of Cliffjumper," was cut.

6. Airachnid's line to Arcee of "But don't get me wrong, I fully intend to snuff out your spark, and believe me, I will make it hurt," was reworked to remove the "snuff out your spark" part. What they did was first cut off the scene right before she would have said, "and believe me..." and then inserted the audio of her saying "make it hurt" over the video of when she says "snuff out your spark". Thus, the new line became "But don't get me wrong, I fully intend to make it hurt."

7. The new commercial break played right after Airachnid saw that Jack was running to her ship, causing her to say "huh" and then hiss with predatory delight. Immediately after the hiss came the commercial break.

8. Closer to the end of the episode, as Airachnid finally catches Jack and is about to do very nasty things to him, Arcee drives up into the air from the other side of a hill, transforms in mid-air, and then kicks Airachnid square in the side of her face, causing Airachnid to tumble over a short length away. When Arcee kicked her, the impact of the kick was shown in slow motion. This slow-mo kick impact was cut, making the scene now show Arcee about to kick her, and Airachnid tumbling away after the sound of the kick is played, leaving us to assume the kick was met with her off screen.

Re: Vortexx's censorship edits to Transformers: Prime

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:01 pm
by Sabrblade
Oh, thank goodness! After the onslaught of edits done to last week's episode, episode 13 thankfully only had three edits, all of which were minor.

1. Arcee's line of "hooked up to life support" (referring to the critical-conditioned Megatron) was cut.

2. Arcee's line of "Enter Megatron's brain? Ratchet, are you out of your fraggin' mind?" had "fraggin'" taken out... somehow. Comparing the two versions, no video seemed to be cut, nor is their any signs of it having just been muted. The mouth movement seems to match up in both versions, as well. I guess this one edit was done so seamlessly that it would simply not register to the untrained eye.

3. The new commercial break played right after Arcee muttered "Scrap!" (when she realized that the cons finally noticed the Cortical Psychic Patch cable) and looked and the the unconscious Bumblebee, before the scene switched back to inside Megatron's head.

As a bonus, I took the time to go back and do proper, side-by-side comparisons for episode 3, episode 4, and episode 5 (lost my recordings for episodes 1 and 2, so those will come later), giving updates to the previous comparisons with corrections, new edits, and notes on their new commercial breaks.