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Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) early viewing thread

PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:53 pm
by Sabrblade
The new 2015 Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon is currently airing in Australia ahead of its U.S. premiere, and this thread can be used to watch and discuss the show before it comes out in the U.S. The episodes are currently being uploaded to Dailymotion to watch. All of the following are online thus far:

Episode 1 - "Pilot (Part 1)"

Episode 2 - "Pilot (Part 2)"

Episode 3 - "Trust Exercises"

Episode 4 - "More than Meets the Eye"

Episode 5 - "W.W.O.D.?"

Episode 6 - "As the Kospego Commands!"

Episode 7 - "Collect 'Em All"

Episode 8 - "True Colors"

Episode 9 - "Rumble in the Jungle"

Episode 10 - "Can You dig It?"

Episode 11 - "Adventures in Bumblebee-Sitting!"

Episode 12 - "Hunting Season"

Episode 13 - "Out of Focus"

Episode 14 - "Sideways"

Episode 15 - "Even Robots Have Nightmares"

Episode 16 - "Some Body, Any Body"

Episode 17 - "One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing"

Episode 18 - "Deep Trouble"

Episode 19 - "The Champ"

Episode 20 - "The Trouble with Fixit"

Episode 21 - "Lockout"

Episode 22 - "Similarly Different"

Episode 23 - "The Buzz on Windblade"

Episode 24 - "Ghosts and Impostors"

Episode 25 - "Battlegrounds, Part 1"

Episode 26 - "Battlegrounds, Part 2"

Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) early viewing th

PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:58 pm
by Sabrblade
My notes for each one:

Sabrblade wrote:Episode 1 -

Opens with a view of the design of Cybertron that first debuted in WFC.

Seems that after all this time, Bumblebee's become a street cop, holding the rank of lieutenant. Strongarm's his cadet.

Sideswipe's their perpetrator, and Bumblebee knows him. And his Cybertronian altmode is a hovercar, yet it still leaves skidmarks on the ground despite his not even touching it. Heh.

Bee's getting a vision from Optimus that only he can see.


No theme song for this one. When will Hasbro Studios learn that excluding the theme songs from the first episode of its shows reduces the level of excitement we have for the show?

My, Cybertron's population sure has grown healthily since we last saw it in Prime. Guess this is a pretty good number of years after that show's end.

Cut to Earth to introduce us to the energetic Denny and his no-nonsense son Russell (whom Denny has nicknamed "Rusty", much to Russell's chagrin).

A ship has crashed near Denny's scrapyar--er, I mean, near his "Vintage Salvage Depot for the Discriminating Nostalgist".

Enter Fixit, the ship's pilot.

Within the Cybertron History Museum's Bumblebee's found a space bridge, with Earth coordinates.

The disembodied voice of Optimus wants Bee to go to Earth.

Strongarm and the arrested Sideswipe appear and want to tag along with Bee.

Back on Earth, a news report tells Denny and Russell that the crash might have been a meteor.

Fixit's trying to contact Cybertron.

Bee tried to distract incoming guards, but instead wound up being mistaken for an impostor of himself. Heh.

Bee's made it to Earth... and so have his two compatriots.

Fixit has been found by Bee and Strongarm.

All but one of the Decepticons have escaped their damaged stasis cells, but the last one is weakening.

Sideswipe and Russell have stumbled upon each other. And Underbite.

Underbite's got a Texan accent.

Sideswipe's transformed into his hovercar altmode.

Underbite fancies himself as the "Devourer of Nuon City" (note, not entirely sure on that spelling).

The last stasis cell has been busted open by Grimlock.

Underbite seems to get stronger each time he eats.

Grimlock tricks Underbite into freeing him from his cell by insulting Underbite's smell.

Underbite sees the scrapyard off the distance and heads toward it.

Fixit confirms that Underbite, being a Chompazoid, does become more powerful the more metal that he consumes.

And since Underbite's headed for the scrapyard, Denny's in danger.

To be continued...

Will Friedle -- Dispatcher
Constance Zimmer -- Matronly Docent
Khary Payton -- Newsman
Liam O'Brien -- Guard #1

Well, this certainly was more of a beginning story than "Darkness Rising, Part 1" was. Rather than acting like we should already know who these Autobot characters are and what all's going on, this episode gave us a proper introduction for everyone and everything it showed, much like "Family of Heroes" did for Rescue Bots, and like other episode 1's have done for other shows. Though, as it stands, it feel pretty ordinary so far, without too much to make it stand out as anything that special. But as this is just Part 1, hopefully Part 2 will bring a more complete sense of satisfaction. However, there was one thing in this episode that was almost instantly likable: Underbite. His boastful and outgoing personality was so appealing that I could see him becoming a fan favorite pretty quick. I look forward to seeing more of him in episode 2 and in future episodes to come.

Sabrblade wrote:Episode 2 -

The "Previously On" segment omits the "Transformers" part of the show's title ("Previously on Robots in Disguise...") for the first since Beast Machines.

Still no theme song for this episode either. Come on, Hasbro Studios. We LIKE theme songs. Stop diminishing the level of excitement we'd want to feel.

Grimlock's got a score to settle with Underbite. Even though the two of them came from the prison ship, Grimlock wants to fight Underbite simply because he likes picking fights with worthy opponents. And because he and Underbite haven't fought yet, he considers his business with Underbite unfinished.

Denny is lost for words at the sight of a "talking robot car"

Underbite's right and left biceps are named Thundercruncher and Bonesmasher, respectively.

Underbite's spotted Crown City and is heading there.

Fixit's repaired one cell and has equipped the other Autobots with capture devices.

Bee insists that they take on Earth altmodes to draw less attention to themselves. Strongarm scans one, but Sideswipe's fine as he is.

Seems that Bee's altmode is supposed to be the same one he had on Earth back in Prime. Guess we can account for its aesthetic differences in this show being due to this show's slightly different art style.

Sideswipe is ordered to stay behind since he didn't scan a new form.

Underbite's losing power the longer he goes without eating metal.

Seems Sideswipe changed his mind since he's scanned a new form anyway. His new altmode has kanji on it like RID 2001 W.A.R.S. and G1 Drift.

At the quarry, Everyone (even Denny in his truck) rams into Underbite to force him over the cliff.

However, Undebite proves his might over them with a boost from a quick bite and take Denny hostage, threatening to kill him.

But an interception from beyond the grave steps in, Optimus Prime.

After delivering his message of encouragement, Optimus returns to the afterlife.

The unconscious Underbite is returned to his stasis cell.

The Autobots move the equipment from the Alchemor to Denny's scrapyard, where they'll set up their HQ with better cover than the woods.

Grimlock's is granted mercy by Bumblebee, who tells him to consider himself on probation, much to his delight.

Seems this team's gonna be butting heads just as much as the Maximals of Beast Wars were.

Well, this one was fun. Simple, but fun. It feels more serious than Animated, yet lighter than Prime, so it feels right around where it needs to be. Though, it could have stood to be a bit more funny, but we did get some great moments from Underbite, who completely stole this episode. He is a wonderful Decepticon character with the charm and charisma like that of a macho wrestler. And the humans proved their mettle in this one with Russell coming up with the plan to lure Underbite away from the city to the quarry, and with Denny having the guts to stand against Underbite in his truck and help in trying to push Underbite over the cliff. Though, with this taken place after Prime, it does raise the question of why Bee's team hasn't contacted Unit:E for help yet. Though, it is still pretty early in the series, so it's entirely possible that they still could. But, if they don't, it's also possible that Bumblebee since doesn't want to involve any more humans in the conflict than he already has, as he was previously adamant about keeping Denny and Russell out of it. And it's also quite possible that many many years have occurred since Prime ended that Unit:E might not exist anymore. After all, from what we could see of Crown City, it sure looked like some futuristic high tech alien city rather than any 21 century Earth city. Really makes me wonder what time period this show takes place in. Overall, it was pretty good. I'm not over the moon for the show yet, but I'll keep watching.

Sabrblade wrote:Episode 3 -

Not even two seconds into the episode and already are Sideswipe and Strongarm at each other's throats.

Hello, Steeljaw!

Finally, a theme song! And it's just okay. Better than Prime's boring first one, but not as good as its Beast Hunters version or the awesome Rescue Bots theme.

Fixit's intercepted a radio communication about a giant metal shark attacking an oil tanker. Fixit confirms that the Alchemor's database does mention a Sharkticon having been among its prisoners.

But there's anothere signal out there as well. Bee and Grimlock are gonna head for the oil tanker while Strongarm and Sideswipe are sent to check the other signal.

LOL at Bee and Grimlock driving the boat like so:

One thing's for certain about Grimlock, his dino mode head and tail transform just like those of his FOC counterpart, literally morphing out of his body from nothingness. Y-Yay for consistency?

Hammerstrike, the Sharkticon, has a West Country accent. And he's voiced by David Kaye.

Strongarm's found Steeljaw, who tries to trick her into thinking that he wasn't a prisoner on the ship, but a guard, to get her to drop her guard.

Hammerstrike hates walking on two legs "like some foul land-dweller". And he considers himself "Cybertron's most feared pirate."

Just like X-Brawn in the 2001 RiD cartoon, Grimlock can only sink instead of swim.

Human authorities are headed to the tanker, so both Hammerstrike and Bumblebee have to finish their fight later and get outta there.

Steeljaw, having captured Strongarm, tries to explain himself to her, claiming that he just wants a chance to start over in peace, which he feels he can acquire on this planet since he had no criminal record here.

Man, Hammerstrike's face sure is expressive for a guy with such a simple face design.

Sideswipe pretends to be a Decepticon ("Grimbee") to distract Steeljaw while Russell frees Strongarm.

Using Hammerstrike's own frictionless oil-covered floor against him, Bee and Grimlock trap him in a large metal barrel.

Steeljaw calls out "Grimbee's" treachery as being "how like you Autobots."

Though Steeljaw was beaten, he got away when the others weren't looking.

Bumblebee states that Steeljaw is now at the top of their Most Wanted list.

Ted McGinley -- Ship Captain

Okay, things are looking up for this show with this one. We got plenty of character focus and some progression on each Autobot, and both of the Decepticons were great. Hammerstrike is fun pirate type brought to life wonderfully by David Kaye, and the animation on him was so excellently done in spite of his fairly simplistic look. Steeljaw, oh man, Steeljaw is so intriguing. He strikes me as one of those who believes himself to be in the right, on a more noble ground than the Autobots, whom he views to be underhanded and corrupt. Though he claims to want a second chance at a peaceful existence, it likely isn't the same definition of "peace" as the Autobot think. But it is very possible that he has reformed like his says, but likely reformed from one form of evil into another. Either way, this guy's cool and I wanna see more of him. As of now, I think this show's really got the potential to be better than Prime was.

Episode 4 -

Hiya, Bisk!

As seen in the old promo video, Bumblebee refers to Megatron, Starscream, and Dark Energon.

Bumblebee has a new mouthplate that's different from the one that he wore in Prime and Rescue Bots. It resembles a typical Optimus Prime-type mouthplate, but also kinda like G2 Bumblebee's to faceplate.

Two of the kids that Russell meets are named Hank (HER real name is Henrietta) and Butch. The others' aren't named.

Grimlock calls the cannonball dive his nailed Bisk with the Dino Demolisher.

Hank refers to Bumblebee's altmode as a Griffin Motors 1995 Windblazer. That "Griffin" part sure has me intrigued. ;)

Last episode, Bumblebee tried to make his own version of "Roll out" with "Roll up and roll out!" This time, it's "Let's roll and recapture!" Both times met with the same lukewarm reaction from his teammates.

Grimlock's dino mode makes him too conspicuous for the stealth mission, so he has to stay back while the others move ahead in vehicle mode.

Chop Shop has an Australian accent. I think.

Grimlock just referenced the Kool Aid Man by bursting through a wall yelling "OH YEAAAH!!!"

Fixit identifies Chop Shop as a Combiner and makes a reference to Alpha Trion's beard.

Chop Shop's recent heists have been to steal materials needed for him to build a spaceship.

Grimlock confirms that Fixit doesn't have a vehicle mode.

Chop Shop refers to his right arm component as "Righty"

Since Strongarm was holding "Righty" down, Chop Shop grabbed Fixit and forced him to combine into Chop Shop's right arm.

Strongarm spoke a new TF interjection: "Oh, scrud."

Chop Shop actually tries to rationally justify his actions by pointing out that the Autobots don't want the Decepticons on Earth and the Decepticons (or at least Chop Shop) don't want to be on Earth.

While the others fight Chop Shop, Denny distracts Righty.

Fixit (in his resisting Chop Shop's control): "Why're you hitting yourself?! Why're you hitting yourself?!" LOL

Chop Shop got frozen by the liquid oxygen, while Righty scurried off to safety.

Russell finally plays a successful game of football... sort of.

Will Friedle -- Butch
Khary Payton -- Bisk
Mitchell Whitfield -- Groundskeeper
Baily Gambertoglio -- Hank
Chop Shop -- David Hunt

After three episodes of introducing and establishing the plot, characters, concepts, and status quo, we get our first character-driven episode for the kid-appeal cast of Russell and Fixit. And, for the most part, it's handled fairly well. Russell's interactions with Hank and Butch feel real enough for one such as Russell who has been fairly introverted up to this point, what with him uncertain of how to get along with others his own age and unfamiliar with how to play football. Though, I kinda got the feeling that Hank might have been a bit into Russell with her not giving up on him and calling him "Rusty" so casually, but she felt decent overall. For Fixit's story, it's as though the writers watched every time Cheetor got himself into trouble in Beast Wars and decided to the exact opposite with Fixit. Most of these kinds of stories would have had Fixit forbidden to go into the field and him deciding to do so anyway in spite of his orders. But here, Fixit's wanting to go into the field doesn't go further than simply wanting, and he specifies that he'd only want non-confrontation action if he were to get his chance. And when he does go into battle, it is because Bumblebee asked him to come since they needed his technical expertise. And when he wound up getting into trouble, it was not of his own doing, but simply done by Chop Shop seizing an opportunity that none of the Autobots saw coming. And in the end, it was Fixit who saved himself instead of having to be saved by another. And Chop Shop is another fun Con with a rational head on his shoulders that he uses to give reasonable meaning to his illegal actions. Overall, though this episode wasn't trying to be anything special, it carried itself very nicely.

Episode 5 -

Sideswipe attempted to give Strongarm a Wet Willy. :lol:

Bumblebee recalls that Team Prime never gave Optimus the kind of trouble that Bee's new team causes, and wonders what Optimus's secret was.

Weird. This particular episode upload spliced in the Chinese dub's opening in place of the English version's opening.

Bumblebee attempts to pontificate like Optimus did. Though, he winds up sounding less like Peter Cullen and more like William Shatner. :lol:

Sideswipe thought Bee was doing a Starscream imitation (is he familiar with Starscream?), and called it the worst ever.

A stasis pod was found by hikers and brought to the Crown City Museum of Natural History and Sciences, where scientists are trying to open it.

Denny poses as a famous archaeologist named "Dr. Nevada Fleeber" (I think that's what he said)--an obvious spoof of Indiana Jones--to infiltrate the museum. He claims to have discovered the "Flingy Tribe in the lost city of Bantra" (don't quote me on those exact spellings).

Russell pretends to be "Nevada's" intern, er, international adventurer "McPlank". He claims the two of them just got back from "Cardagascaa" after recovering the "Samurabi Idol". (best guesses on those spellings)

Bumblebee is a big enthusiast about the museum and the history it covers.

Whilst narrating to himself out loud, Russell stumbled upon the stasis pod.

Who's That Decepticon?! It's... Terrashock!

Terrashock's old boss was Contrail. Only known bot with that name was the member of the High Council that represented the Seekers.

Terrashock's a bit of a dumb tough guy, and has claustrophobia.

The video in the upload freezes for a bit when Sideswipe transforms from robot to vehicle.

Terrashock is a Buffaloid, one of the most ruthless enforcers on Cybertron, and nearly impossible to stop once it gets moving.

The video glitches for a sec when Terrashock approaches Bee while he's trying to explain his trying to lead like Optimus to Russell and Denny.

Crown City seems fairly futuristic in its architecture. I'd say this could be around a decade after TF: Prime.

Terrashock already has his truck altmode.

Bumblebee accidently exposed himself to the public, but Denny quickly gave him the idea of pretending to be a large animatronic machine, in which he acted pretty similar to how the Rescue Bots behave when they pretend to be lifeless machines.

Another video glitch occurs after Bee let's his team know that he's going after Terrashock, cutting right to Optimus contacting Bumblebee.

Optimus says that he is permitted to make contact only when the Primes believe Bumblebee's need to be dire.

Optimus tried to advise Bumblebee not to lead like Optimus did, but Optimus's time is cut short mid-sentence.

It seems that Only Bumblebee could hear Optimus during the vision, as Denny asked if Optimus said anything before he left.

Russell suggests Bee try leading like himself.

Bumblebee finally gets the hang of "Let's roll out!"

Highway speed chase battle!!!

Russell uses Strongarm's speakers to make all onlookers think that the Bee's team was a stunt driving team putting on a highway performance, and that their next show will be in "Witchahoma County" (however that's spelled).

Will Friedle -- Motorist
Mitchell Witfield -- Museum Staff Member
Kevin Michael Richardson -- Terrashock, Gallery Narrator
Kristy Wu -- News Woman

YEEHAW! This here was a rip-roaring hoedown of a showdown, folks! Full of fast action and tons of character! The teenagers continued to butt heads while Bumblebee played peacekeeper, which led to his own developmental arc of learning how to be his own kind of leader without relying on Optimus's example. And Terrashock might have been a one-note pony, but his antics in the museum were entertainingly amusing enough. And that final highway chase scene, oh MAN, that was fun! It's rare that we get vehicle mode-only fights like that that are as good and awesome as that one was. This show is really hitting a lot of the right notes and could easily turn out to be one of the best TF cartoons yet.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:47 am
by Sabrblade
Episode 6 is up!

Episode 6

Bumblebee: "Fixit, didn't I ask you and Sideswipe to work in this, together?"
Fixit: "Well, yes, Sir, but Sideswipe's stabilizer is sore, so he thought it might be better if I did it myself."
*Bumblebee sees Sideswipe off jamming to some music*
Bumblebee (*sighing*): "You know, I think Sideswipe might be taking advantage of you."
Fixit (*laughs*): "Hardly, Sir! Sideswipe offered to cover my elephant cage cleaning duties for the next five cycles. Fair trade. :D "
Bumblebee: "No, Fixit. We don't have any elephants."
Fixit: "...Oh... :( :o :shock: ...Then what have I been cleaning?!"

Whilst trying to berate Sideswipe, Bee gets distracted by the music.

Customer! Altmode time! (though Fixit just pretends to be a statue)

And the customers are... cultists.

They serve the Kospego, a local legend. Denny's description: "Some kind of giant, cranky elk-like creature, walks on two legs, and has the strength of a thousand humans, right?"

The "Kospego" has a Brooklyn accent.

Bee suspects something and tells Russell not to give the cultists, out of everything on their massive shopping scroll, the generator they asked for.

Strongarm's returned from a mission and found a Decepticon Hunter. It's a device that was standard issue on all prison ships. It works by connecting to its user's neural transmissions, so whatever weapon the wielder imagines, the Decepticon Hunter generates within certain parameters.

Bee finally explains why he wouldn't let Denny sell the cultists a generator. Based on the items on their list, Bee suspects that the Kospego might be a Decepticon impersonating the myth to force those humans into helping him jury-rig a space bridge.

Bee fears that the slightest misalignment in the space bridge's components might create a black hole-like phenomenon that could badly damage or even destroy the Earth.

The Alchemor's prisoner manifest does list a Decepticon named Thunderhoof matching the Kospego's general description.

After a successful "Roll out!" in a previous ep, Bee's latest failed attempt is "Let's rev, rock, and rumble!"

Grimlock is surprised to learn he can't fly. :lol:

The cultists think they're building an altar for the Kospego.

Sideswipe and Bumblebee pretend to be other made up legends ("Sideswingo" and "Bumbigo") to scare away the cultists.

Thunderhoof ran one of the biggest criminal enterprises on Cybertron. "Half you cops are on my payroll!"

Thunderhoof's trying to bridge to Cybertron to take back his turf.

Thunderhoof can generate a shockwave by stomping his foot.

Sideswipe tricks Thunderhoof and Bee into thinking that he's turning on Bee to join up with Thunderhoof, as well as convincing Thunderhoof to not harm Bee (because he's not worth it).

The space bridge goes awry and causes a black hole like Bee feared.

Bee forced Thunderhoof into the black hole.

They need to close the hole via a detonation within in, releasing more energy than it's generating. To do so, they push the generator powering it into the hole, causing it to explode and collapse the hole in on itself.

Bee notes that, though the bridge was unstable, Thunderhoof's disappearance into it looked more like a teleportation.

Sure enough, Thunderhoof survived and ends up somewhere else on Earth. In front of Steeljaw.

The cultists now seek out "Sideswingo" and "Bumbigo" for sacred guidance.

Troy Baker -- Arnold
Frank Stallone -- Thunderhoof

Another fun one. The whole cultist angle was a plot atypical of most Transformers cartoons, having really not been used much outside of comics or one or two Japanese series, so it was refreshing to see something kinda new. And the plot surrounding Sideswipe's rebellious nature was handled well enough, and was neat to see done with Bumblebee in the leader role since he himself used to be the young bot. Thus, rather than the usual "father/son" type ordeal with usually get with Optimuses and the kid-appeal character, it was more like an "older brother/younger brother" situation, which is cool. As for Thunderhoof himself, though there wasn't really anything wrong with the character, he wasn't much different from a typical mob boss portrayal. A surly law-bender who talks tough with an accent as thick as Bart Rathbone. Though, he could at least match blows with the rest of them. Hopefully we'll see more layers of the guy's personality in episodes to come, what with him teaming up with Steeljaw.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:00 am
by Sabrblade
Episode 7 is up.

Episode 7 -

Hiya, Filch!

She just made off with a family's camper.

Filch seems to have a thing for shiny objects.

Denny has a visitor in the form of Larry LaRue, a former acquaintance of Denny's who now hosts his own reality show "Scrapmeisters", in which he searches through people's junk for hidden treasures. But Denny wants nothing to do with Larry.

Filch got away, but Strongarm has a nagging itch.

The Alchemor's manifest describes Filch as a compulsive thief.

Bumblebee and Strongarm have a spark to spark moment in which Bee relates to her about how he used to miss Cybertron back when he first came to Earth. He got used to Earth by thinking of being on Earth as a game, with new rules to figure out. Took a while but it got easier, especially when he opened up to it.

Grimlock's been trying to look more like an Earth vehicle. "I;m a truck! Vroom! Vroom!" :lol:

Denny manages to use his Nevada Fleeber alias to trick a local patrolman into going to go set up a roadblock at the bridge while the Autobot deal with Filch.

Larry LaRue has climbed the scrapyard wall to sneak into it. Russell's handling him.

Bee swears "Scrud!" instead of "Scrap!"

Filch has made a nest for herself atop Crown City's equivalent of the Statue of Liberty.

Filch seems incapable of being able to say anything other than "Mine", "Shiny", and "Not shiny".

Larry has spotted Grimlock in his dino-truck disguise, which Russell claims is an "old, life-sized, remote-controlled Neolithi-truck toy". Larry seems to buy it, since he claims to have three.

Ha! Grimlock skateboarded to the scene.

Grimlock's holding the bridge while the other three go to save Denny.

Turns out Larry was really after some things in Denny's collection that Larry's been after for years. He threatens to show his footage on TV and have every collector come knocking at Denny's door if Denny doesn't agree to sell the items to Larry. Denny agrees on two conditions. 1) Larry must never come by the scrapyard ever again, and 2) so that Larry will keep his word, he must surrender his camera's memory cards. Larry agrees since he's still getting what he wants.

In the end, Strongarm realized that the her Autobot teammates are her ties to Cybertron, and that's okay with her.

Will Friedle -- "Junior"
Khary Payton -- "Dad"
Constance Zimmer -- Filch
John Kastovsich -- Larry LaRue

Not a particularly strong episode, but it had a couple of good messages behind it. Strongarm learned that rules and regulations needn't dominate one's rational thinking and that one's home isn't necessarily defined by where one is but who one is with. Though she's many lightyears away from Cybertron, Strongarm's home is with her team. And Denny showed us how a person can be consumed by their greed, like what happened to Larry, and how by overcoming that greed, one can see what's really important isn't the stuff one has or how much of it, but the people in his life that he shares his stuff with. In a way, it's almost like a reminder to us fans that, as much as we love this brand, there are other things in our lives that take precedence and that we shouldn't let our hobbies consume us. That said, the stuff Larry took was from Aisle 3, while Denny noted how the best stuff is on Aisle 4. Though he might not have meant it, the best is yet to come.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:25 am
by Sabrblade
Episode 8 is online!

Episode 8 -

New proximity alarm installed by Fixit.

The others found an empty stasis pod covered in mud. Its emptiness can't be a good thing.

Grimlock's gone feral!

It's like Grimlock doesn't remember being the Autobots' teammate and has somehow reverted to being a savage Decepticon.

And it's like he's talking to someone inside his mind.

Okay, someone else is definitely in on control of Grimlock, with the real Grimlock trying to resist the guy in the driver's seat.

The guy controlling Grimlock (speaking through the real Grimlock's mouth) makes mention of some kind of "-Cons" that he refers to as hoarders, but I can't make out what he called them. "Koalacons" is my best guess, but I'm definitely not certain.

Evil Grimlock (not official, my nickname for him) has found the imprisoned Underbite.

Russell uses the proximity alarm to try and scare off Evil Grimlock, but Evil Grimlock smashes it. However, Russell claims the alarm means that Optimus Prime himself is on his way now, much to Evil Grimlock's horror.

Evil Grimlock makes mention of "the boss".

Evil Grimlock decides to get out of there with the still frozen Underbite.

Bee's seen Grimlock's criminal history rap sheet, stating that his only charge was property damage due to Grimlock being, well, Grimlock.

The Crown River Dam is the first place the Bots are gonna check for Grimlock's rendezvous with "the boss".

Bumblebee "Roll Out" fail of the day: "Autobots, maximum velocity!"

Russell has Fixit pull up the Alchemor's prisoner manifest, in which they spot something that worries Fixit so much that he fears the others might not make it back.

A trap in the woods sends Bee and Swipe careening over a steep downward slope. It was rigged from a cryo-inducer taken from a stasis pod.

Hiya, Steeljaw! He says Thunderhoof is out scouting for a larger base.

Steeljaw's true intention is to make this world a home for all Decepticons.

While Sideswipe engages Steeljaw, Evil Grimlock bashes around Bee and Strongarm as he hums the classic Transformers theme song! :lol:

Steeljaw abandons Evil Grimlock while the Bots subdue him Empire Strikes Back Snowspeeder-style.

Fixit and Russell finally fix the comms and get in touch with the others to tell them that Grimlock is being controlled by a Cybertate named Minitron, who can control any bot it bites.

Grimlock's ticklish as the others look for Minitron.

Strongarm swears "Sweet Solus Prime!"

Minitron keeps jumping between Bee/Swipe/Strongarm to make them all fight each other. :lol:

The real Grimlock grabs and subdues Minitron.

The little cretin is returned to its tiny stasis pod.

Grimlock's gonna get his own Autobot symbol.

Steeljaw, however, now has Underbite.

Not a bad episode. Though he was the episode's main focus, this was less about Grimlock himself and more about fleshing out his relationship with each of the other members of his team. Strongarm was quick to assume the worst of him, Sideswipe wanted to remain hopeful in Grimlock, and Bumblebee was caught in the middle, torn between his duty as an Autobot officer and his duty to his friend. In the end, it was Strongarm who had to learn not to jump to conclusions and let her adherence to rules and regulations cloud all other rationality. Russell also got a pivotal role in this one, being key in uncovering the truth about Grimlock and having to convince the others about there being more to Grimlock than there appeared to be. Though Sideswipe was the only one willing to listen to him, he came through in the end with uncovering Minitron's existence. And Steeljaw, naturally, was the one pulling the strings behind the whole operation, and even got away with Underbite. What's more is that we got to see more of his agenda, in which he wants to create a world for Decepticons to live in free of Autobot authority, and that he believes things like "a good leader is only first among equals" and doesn't appreciate cowardly ways for justifying failure. He's certainly one of the more interesting main villains we've had in a while, so now that he's got both Underbite and Thunderhoof, let's see where he goes with his plans.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:16 am
by Sabrblade
Episode 9's up.

Episode 9 -

Strongarm's on her first solo mission.

Bumblebee followed her.

Much to Fixit's chagrin, Denny's been interested in tinkering with Cybertronian tech.

Though Bee, promised to let Strongarm handle this mission alone, he can't help but feel responsible for her (since it's his fault she and the others got on Earth in the first place) and says that he's coming along to at least observe her mission.

Fixit and Denny butt heads over Denny wanting to fiddle with a Cybertronian gizmo, which winds up blowing up in their faces.

Strongarm and Bumblebee have found their perp: Springload, who believes himself to have been judged by the Ancients as worthy of finding the lost city of Doradas, wherein lies a treasure.

Springload is an Amphiboid. He's a relic hunter and, according to Fixit, "bonkers". He's obsessed with finding the lost city of Doradas, a fabled Cybertronian land and home to the Fountain of Energon granting eternal power and energy to whomever finds it.

Much to Strongarm's chagrin, Bee orders that the rest of team be sent to help in this mission. However, once Bee steps away, Strongarm secretly calls Fixit to tell him that the mission is already done and there's no need to send everyone to help anymore, using the time zone difference as an excuse for the mission's completion happening so fast.

Fixit and Denny fight over the Decepticon Hunter, and then Fixit decides that he's going to reorganize the entire scrapyard based on Cybertronian principles of design.

Russell's had enough of his dad and Fixit squabbling and tries to get them both to quit, but winds up making them both each fix what the other messed up.

Springload's armor is coated in acid as a built in defense mechanism.

Strongarm owns up to Bee about her secret call to Fixit to keep the others from coming to help.

Fixit reworked Denny's TV to contain mugshots of all the Alchemor's prisoners.

Russell, Grimlock, and Sideswipe bring the Decepticon Hunter to Denny and Fixit, as it keeps making noise. Fixit states that he can't fix the Decepticon Hunter by himself since it's too complicated for one person to do, and so needs Denny's help.

Springload thinks Bumblebee and Strongarm are ghosts, since he thought they were buried alive earlier.

The Decepticon Hunter was making noise because a kazoo was lodged inside it. Denny and Fixit realize they've been had, and the others explain that they had to trick the two of them to get them to stop arguing and work together. And it worked.

Strongarm tricks Springload into thinking that the spirits of Doradas have decreed Springload to be unworthy of the treasure, giving Bee the chance to trap him inside a stone container.

Strongarm impressed Bee with her willingness to let go of her pride and ask for help.

John Steven Rocha -- Springload

This was just an okay episode. Nothing too great, but somewhat passable. Just a simple "learn to work together instead of doing things alone" episode. It's not a bad message, but considering how much stronger the writing of this show has been before, this one could have stood to be stronger too. However, Springload was fun. An eccentric relic hunter who isn't quite all there in the head, the guy mistook Latin American statues and temple marking for spirits and guardians, and viewed himself as a divine Chosen One. If he appears again, I can't wait to see how he'd take to learning that he isn't on Cybertron anymore. And we got to learn some more of Cybertronian mythology with the Doradas fable, which is always welcome.

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by Sabrblade
Episode 10 is up!

Episode 10 -

An energon cube in a construction site?!!

Something grabbed it from underground.

The Autobots (or at least Grimlock, Strongarm, and Fixit) don't understand the concepts of motorcycle racing and kissing.

Sideswipe's found an intruder.

The intruder is Jazz, and he and Bee know each other!

Sideswipe doesn't know Jazz, nor Jazz Sideswipe, so I'm thinking Sideswipe's just a new-named bot born from the Well after Prime revitalized it.

Jazz was sent by "the big bots on Cybertron" to check out a distress call from the Alchemor.

Bee says that the city on Cybertron he was in before coming to Earth was Kaon City. I guess the place got real cleaned up for the better after Megatron disbanded the Decepticon faction.

Okay, so Sideswipe has at least heard of Jazz ("the Jazz!"), but still doesn't know him personally.

Jazz speaks of a Council on Cybertron. Really hoping this new one is much better improvement over the snooty old one.

Hello, Ped!

The manifest describes Ped as a petty crook who burrows underground with his claws, and whose mandibles can deliver a temporary paralyzing sting.

Ped almost got Russell! But, that was a distraction. He really wanted the Autobots' energon cubes, and got away with some.

Bee's "Roll Out" fail of the day: "Autobots, let's bug out!"

I am loving this banter between Jazz and Sideswipe.

Wow... It's MANDARK! Ped is voiced by Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory!

Ped thinks himself better than everyone and wants to be the new boss bot in town.

Back on Cybertron, Ped was bullied and called a "lousy bot worm", but here on Earth, he's gonna make himself the bot that Cons come to for when they want energon.

Jazz tricked Ped into telling him his plans by letting Ped think that Jazz was willing to betray Sideswipe into becoming Ped's second-in-command.

A trap's been set at the scrapyard for Ped. A large stack of both real and fake energon cubes hides a stasis chamber inside it.

Ped's a lot smarter than the Autobots think. He goes after the ground beneath the Autobots instead of the cubes.

Sideswipe (long after having gotten out of the pit) forces Ped into the stasis chamber with a slew of insults that trick Ped into going toward the chamber.

Jazz jumps in to help beat the living snot out of Ped!

Ped's sealed and secured.

Jazz says he'll clean up Bee's mess from the first episode with Council once he gets back to Cybertron.

Ha. Grimlock's still stuck in the pit. :lol:

Khary Payton -- Operator
Eddie Deezen -- Ped
Arif S. Kinchen -- Jazz
Kristy Wu -- Woman's voice

Oh, this was a good one. Jazz was wonderful and Ped being a complete dweeb for someone so lethal was a delightful surprise. They could have gone route of making him the most monstrous creature to ever crawl from out of the earth, and instead made him terrifying on the outside, and dorky on the inside. His backstory also serves as a good cautionary message for bullies and those who get bullied. People can get really messed up if they're constantly picked on and never get any help to cope with their troubles, and Ped is a fine example of a bully victim gone mad. Meanwhile, Sideswipe got to see what a real mature cool guy is like and learned that even cool guys can get by playing by the rules and not being 100% rebellious all the time. Jazz is a great role model for him to look up to and take after, and hopefully we get to see more of him in episodes to come.

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by Sabrblade
Episode 11 is up.

Episode 11 -

Episode starts with Quillfire's capture already in progress.

Quillfire speaks of the Autobots as being oppressive.

His altmode looks like that of Prime Bulkhead, but brown instead of green.

Quillfire considers himself one of the "heroes of the Revolution".

He also leaves his own insignia as a mark of his presence.

Bee's latest "Roll out" fail: "Autobots, roll up... and... and roll up..." (*passes out*)

Bee's been knocked out by one of Quillfire's quills.

The manifest describes Quillfire as an anarchist and an Agent of Chaos, believing there should be no such thing as authority. It also says that his quills contain toxins that affect the nervous systems of those struck, but differently for each target.

And now Bumblebee is acting like a joking kid. Uh oh.

With Bee currently Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, Strongarm's acting as temporary leader.

Sideswipe is the only one who's genuinely amused by Bee's practical jokes.

Bumblebee is currently stuck the way he is until the toxin from Quillfire's quill runs its course and is no longer active in Bee's system.

Strongarm misunderstanding the word "babysit" in a literal manner reminds me of how Chase would do the same thing in Rescue Bots.

Quillfire releases some elephants from their pen at a carnival, thinking they are oppressed prisoners.

Strongarm's had enough of Bee's pranks and goes alone (with Grimlock) to pursue Quillfire.

Russell and Sideswipe trick Bee into simmering down with a classic Western movie.

Sideswipe's optics start leakin' lubricant.

Fleeber brand lunchmeat might be where Denny got part of his "Nevada Fleeber" alias from.

Bee hears about the carnival Strongarm and Grimlock are investigating and goes off to see it.

Grimlock sits on Bee.

Strongarm wards off the police cars with a false emergency of a "nefarious motorcycle game making illegal left turns all over downtown." :lol:

Bee got away from Grimlock by transforming.

Grimlock takes care of the stampeding elephants, but a couple of them ran off.

Bee and Grimlock round them up "Cowboys and Elephants" style.

While Strongarm and Grimlock are trapped on the tilt-o-whirl, Quillfire hides in a large bouncy tent, where Bee is having a blast.

Strongarm shoots the console to stop the tilt-o-whirl, and Quillfire accidentally shoots himself with his quills.

Strongarm ties Bee up atop a clown tower after letting him think he would be going on an awesome ride.

It takes all night for the toxins to wear off of Bee, who has one ugly headache after a whole night of "waiting for the awesome".

Will Friedle -- Security Guard
Mitchell Whitfield -- TV announcer
Andy Milder -- Quillfire

Oh man, this episode. Was. Hilarious! Like, Animated and Rescue Bots levels of hilarious. Practical Joker Bumblebee was absolutely priceless, and everyone who played off of him was wonderful. Sideswipe was loving Bee's antics, Grimlock was annoyed by them, Strongarm was trying to keep things in an orderly fashion, and Quillfire just had no idea what was going on. Speaking of Quillfire, though we didn't get that much of him thanks to Bee being the show stealer of the episode, his paranoia coupled with his extremist behavior made him a fun addition to the episode. I'd hate to see what would happen if he, Ped, and Springload ever all escaped and joined up together into a fearsome threesome of mad craziness. Twould be complete chaos all around. :lol:

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by Unicron fan
I love this show. Those cultists in the episode that introduced Thunderfoot, even reminded me of the Unicron cultists. Good thing for the characters it was not that type of cultists. :p

Also; Agent of Chaos? Why does it remind me of Herald of Unicron? Oh, it's because one of Unicron's names are Chaos. :p

Though this time it might just be coincidental. :)

The episode about the Decepticon that had been bullied; Yeah, bullying can cause permanent damage if not stopped in time. Good thing this episode showed how harmful that is, and that people that are bullied need help. :)

One thing though is that Grimlock does not have the typical "Me, Grimlock" speech. I kind of liked that uniqueness about that speech. But Grimlock is still a lovable character. :)

Might say more about this show later. :)

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by Sabrblade
Episode 12 is up.
Episode 12 -

Denny wants Russell to not come on missions with him anymore, as he feels that it's for Russell's best interests and well being.

Two Cybertronian ships have been detected.


And Drift!

Airazor! Divebomb!

Jetstorm! Slipstream!

Jetstorm refers to Drift as "Master Drift", while Drift refers to Jetstorm as "pupil".

Bumblebee says he knows "that bot" (Drift).

Divebomb address Fracture as "Master"

Divebomb and Airazor turn into little rockets that attack to Fracture's shoulders.

Bee says he and Drift met in Kaon.

Drift came to Earth to get the bounty that has been placed on Bumblebee for unauthroized use of a space bridge, unauthorized travel between Cybertron and Earth, and kidnapping.

However, because the Autobots just saved Drift from Fracture, Drift owes them a life debt, which must be paid in kind.

Drift retrieves fugitives so that they may explain their actions to the council, and eventually choose a more honorable path. Fracture, however, has no honor, and will not give up so easily.

To repay the life debt, Drfit will protect the others from Fracture, and he shan't move from their side (literally) until that is done.

The bug flying around Denny is one of Fracture's Camera Micro Drones.

Russell and Fixit show Slipstream an Jetstorm around the command center.

Drift is his two Mini-Cons' sensei. He took them in from lives of petty thievery and granted them the honor of serving and learning from him. But Jetstorm feels he is a constant disappointment to his master, but Slipstream reassures him that Drift merely has high standards.

Slipstream and Jetstorm don't understand the concept of playing, thinking instead that a simulation game is a training exercise.

Multiple Cybertronian lifesigns are detected at different end of the scrapyard, and the power's gone out.

Drift slices the camera bug, which is what was emitting the life signal.

A Cybertronian D-Pad electrocutes Strongarm, while another trap ensnares Grimlock.

Fracture walks right in via a space bridge portal!

Fracture takes out Sideswipe while his Mini-Cons secure Denny. Both are take hostage, like Strongarm and Grimlock.

Drift's only concern is for Bumblebee, but Bee isn't willing to abandon his team.

Fracture will release Bee's team if Bee let's Fracture turn Bee in.

Towards the end of the big fight, Russell gets the idea of projecting a large image of the simulation game to trick Fracture into thinking that Russell's called in an entire space fleet of reinforcements to attack Fracture, but it backfires.

During the distraction, Slipstream and Jetstorm must have snuck into the space bridge portal since they bring in Fracture's ship and release the rest of the team.

However, Fracture threatens to blow up his ship and Drift's Mini-Cons with it if they don't let Fracture go. Drift agrees, but Bee sucker-punches Fracture when he isn't looking.

Fracture uses a glare effect to blind everyone to let himself escape, but the glare also blinded Drift's Mini-Cons, causing them to accidentally crash Fracture's ship.

Drift states that the life debt has been paid, but that the bounty on Bee still remains. He won't try to claim it, though, since he saw how Bee was willing to fight for his friends, and can't believe that one so honorable could be a criminal.

Drift finally compliments his Mini-Cons, but stats that thy do still have much to learn.

After Drift leaves, Fixit says that Fracture's ship is unsalvageable. But, his GroundBridge (turns out that's what it is) still works.

Denny's changed his mind about Russell not going on missions with him anymore, thinking he can protect his son better with him right by his side, much to Russell's delight.

Will Friedle -- Game Voice
Khary Payton -- Divebomb
Kevin Pollak -- Fracture
Eric Bauza -- Drift
Roger Craig Smith -- Airazor, Slipstream, Jetstorm

This was probably the best episode yet! Six brand new characters at once, with two of them being bounty hunters at that. Drift was compelling enough with his choosing honor over occupation, and Fracture was kinda crazy awesome in his own right. But it wasn't these two who made this episode so good. No, it was the surprising amount of character focus given to the Mini-Cons, especially Slipstream and Jetstorm. Those two were very well done, being both admirable in their adoration of their master, as quite sympathetic in their constant attempts to please him, when he's just so hard a bot to please. And with Fracture's ship crashed in the scrapyard, Fracture's stuck on Earth and still loose, and the Autobots now have a working GroundBridge to help them get around easier. Things are really coming along for this series as of this episode.