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AOE Transformer car names?


AOE Transformer car names?

Postby OptimusPhillip » Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:39 pm

This is mainly about the names of vehicles that'll appear in Transformers: Age of Extinction. Most notably:
The red Pagani Huayra
The green and black Corvette Stingray
The black and blue Bugatti Veyron
The white and purple Chevy Sonic RS
The silver and black Freightliner Argosy
The rusty cab-over engine tractor-trailer (appears to be same model as G1 Prime/Magnus toy)
The silver Lamborghini Aventador
The Rally Fighter(s) (three Rally Fighters were spotted on set. Whether there are multiple characters with that alt mode or if they're just multiples representing the same character is unclear)
The white Lamborghini Gallardo
The black Ferrari F-430 Spider
The orange McLaren MP4-12C Spider

My current predominant ideas, though some are highly doubtful, are:
Pagani = Pointblank
Bugatti = Bluestreak
Sonic RS = Searchlight
Freightliner = Motormaster/Motorbreath
Rusty truck = Grimlock (I'm thinking the Dinobots are triple-changers: Robot to vehicle to dinosaur)
Aventador = Sunstreaker
Rally Fighters = Runamuck and Runabout
Gallardo = Breakdown
Ferrari = Wildrider
McLaren = Dead End
Corvette = Sideswipe going off of his Corvette vehicle mode and his Shattered Glass Sideswipe esque colors (maybe he repainted himself so the Cons wouldn't recognize him)

I think that there will also be another Stunticon as well as Swoop (whom I envision as a fighter jet) and Slag/Snarl (whom I envision as a sports car). The plot is that the Autobots are trying to find and destroy weapons made during the war but shuttled off for being so powerful they could destroy the planet. Among them are the Dinobots. The Decepticons (led by Motormaster/Motorbreath until Megatron is rebuilt as Galvatron (Megs has been confirmed as returning)) want to use the so-called Chaos weapons against the Autobots. In the climax, the Stunticons merge into Menasor (perhaps they were always like that or maybe they were merged by a Chaos weapon) to fight the Autobots but are defeated. That is mostly just a vision based on what little info I have and I doubt this is true, but that's what I'm going with.

What do you guys think they are? Let me know.
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