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DOTM novel *spoiler*

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DOTM novel *spoiler*

Postby lioconvoy » Wed May 25, 2011 5:45 am

ok people can i ask for any info you have about DOTM from the novel to be placed hear please?
plot, ideas etc

i ask as i am visually impaired and i can not as of yet get hold of the book in audio format but i would like to know as much as you guys do before i go to the film.
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Re: DOTM novel *spoiler*

Postby Saberfrost » Wed May 25, 2011 7:18 pm

Well I heard some things to this extent..........(I don't have the book yet)
Found these on the internet

when autobot get captured by soundwave leadfoot managed to get freed but soundwave promptly unleasheds a blast from his sonic cannon blowning leadfoot right leg clean off

after wheelie crushes the ship bumblebee get free and this happends
bumble brings his arms around as soundwave aims his sonic cannon it is an old fashinged cowboy shodown and bee wins the draw he fires at soundwaves torso cutting it in haft soundwaves top half lynig on its back flipped-over continues to struggle determined to fight back bee places his cannon to soundwaves head time...to ...die bumblebee manages to say and fires at point blank range

Another one

wheeljack was bringing up the rear and suddenly there was a violent shaking and before anyone could react a huge crevice split the earth creating a chasm directly in front of wheeljack he cut hard to the right but momentum had him unable to regain control he jumped the barriers and headed straight into the chicago river in midair he shifted back to his robot form and then he plummeted into the water and disappeared beneath the surface.
wheeljack feels more foolish than anything else as he sinks to the riverbedand lands his feet kicking up a clound of silt. he reacted like a car instead of an autobot disguised as a carhe had been caught off guiard and has wound up looking like a right fool because of it once he has his footing solid he begingsto move towards the shore it should not take more than a few moments for him to then the water begins to swirl around him he look behind him in front of him and either side deceptions are converging upon him he unleashes fire in all directions but in the water the blast are slowed while the decepticons move even more quickly easily avoiding his attacks then they are upon him bearing him down to the dirt he fights back furiously and at close range he plasts apart one of the decepticons but then two more are upon him to take its place his last thought before final darkness falls upon him is that he should have come up with a more efficint means for the others to carry weapons.

short version not as detail
the autobot look for him only for ratchet to point out in alarm at the river. bloody hell saids topspin large pieces of what had once been wheeljack floated to the surface one by oneand then several at a time

Another one

spoiler mirage fate spoilers from novel

sam couldn't believe it for once things were going their way suddenly mirage was yanked upward off his feet looming behind him was starscream one arm across mirage's chest and the other across his neck immobilizing him run mirage managed to get out. i never had much patience for you starscream said to mirage you were the one who preferred hiding to fighting you should have stayed hidden with bone quick twist he ripped mirage's head clear of his shoulders then tossed the head aside, allowing the lifeless body of the autobot to slump over

If anyone wants the rest of the spoilers please send me a message!
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