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Old TF kid's book from 80s on youtube.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:37 pm
by cyberwuss
Forgot to mention I found an almost crisp brand new copy of "Transformers: When Continents Collide" at a used book store recently I was very happy to buy it for about a quarter it is in better shape than most of the ones I already own from that series. Anyway I found the video of some of the better ones this is one of the ones I watched the most when I was like 3 years old haha, if you imagine hard enough the narrator sounds like Victor Caroli.

I must note to you guys that these only exist as VHS anymore, and that they are EXTREMELY rare to find in a good watchable condition as VHS tapes used to have a habit of getting eaten up from overuse and were very easy to mess up when improperly handled, by watching these you are reliving one of the most awesome PREG1 moments in history, be advised, your awesometer may overload!!!!!