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TF5 post viewing thoughts


TF5 post viewing thoughts

Postby cyberwuss » Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:05 pm

as I said on the review thread on seibertron, I liked this movie the best out of all the Bay films and I liked the other ones pretty well, will be buying the DVD.

some spoilerish thoughts:
played out like season 1 and 2 of prime combined with the g1 ep where they time travel to medieval times, combined with the old storybook read along for kids "When Continents Collide" and had some bible/book of Revelations stuff tied in too, but not in a heavy or imposing way. The seal, horns, dragon, earth rolling together like a scroll, Pangea in the movie where stonehenge is the center are all themes found in the bible and especially most of them pulled from Revelation. Luckily they didn't dabble to heavily on some of that stuff but left it more open other than the world is ending prophecies and the library books they were hunting.

really loved the part where Hound was buying time for Cade and other autobots to escape the reservation and Megatron uses his fusion cannon on Hound with a huge baysplosion.

other awesome stuff:
-Mission to Cybertron
-the opening King Arthur scenes (especially those catapults, they looked great in the theaters)
-this one definitely had the best visual and audio quality out of the entire movie line so far
-dat pretender Quintessa at the end credits!
-Optimus was saved for those OP loyal fans like me :D
-Cade almost became ENERGON KICKER with that upgrade he got from the seal!
The coward desires revenge but being afraid to die, he looks to others, maybe to the government of the day, to do the work of defense for him.
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Re: TF5 post viewing thoughts

Postby Unicron fan » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:19 am

I saw this movie then it came out in Norway, and again one week later. And as cyberwuss above me, so liked I this movie the best of all of the Live-action TF movies. The movie did have some flaws, though, but which movie hasn't. :) Ok, here are both the positives and the negatives of this movie in spoilers:

Unicron, just Unicron. :D
It was great to see his Spikes of Villainy coming up from the surface. And despite what several critics says, the horns are not a sex-trope, and they even grows slowly. Yes, three meters per day is slowly then you are talking about something that is several kilometers long.
Cogman was hilarious. The audience in both viewing laughed each time he did something, like then he accompanied Steve's music. :)
I really liked Hot Rod, Barricade, Megatron, Simmons and Lennox as well in this movie. :)
The Transformers were treated as characters.
There was almost no filler in the movie. The scenes with only TFs were more than the scenes with only humans. The rest was humans and TFs there everything was about the Transformers (except for a very small percentage).
The movie had very good humor, seems they have nailed it this time (outside of number 2 in the negatives).
The movie got tension. From the moment we move into present, we get the doomsday-feel. Particularly helped by that ominous track called "The Coming of Cybertron" playing in the background, the rest from both the scenery and Hopkins' speech.
Also, at the end of the movie it actually felt as the bad guys would win, as Cade came with his Big No then Optimus gave up. And we even have to remember that not even Optimus can take out Quintessa (at least not alone).
The NASA guy. Yes, he was annoying, but he unintentionally proved that humantech and knowledge does not save the day then going against Transformers supervillains. Not even the military could save the day. That was refreshing. :)
I liked seeing The International Space Station, even though brief, as I love astronomy. :)
The fact that it weren't battle from beginning to the end, but had some breathers in between, helped as I would be exhausted otherwise. :)
The story was easy to follow, same goes for the plot. The pacing was fast due to the movie was about a global threat. Oh, the main-plot was heavily based on the 86 movie with a twist (I recognized many scenes from the 86 movie in there), with many other G1 references spread across the movie. Only Izzy and Unicron being Earth was not G1, but TFP (Izzy is like Miko).
The movie clearly set up for later movies, there some plot-lines weren't explained on purpose. :)
The movie didn't feel like it was 2.5 hours, as the movie was finished before I even knew 1 hour had gone by. :)
Infernocus was a great combiner, too bad we didn't see much of him.
The fact that the humans that has stood against the Autobots (at least the ones we saw in the movie) understood how wrong they were and regretted their actions, is rather heartwarming. :)

Too much swearing, they really should have cut that down.
There was some sex-jokes in the movie. It would have been better if they weren't there. Though they weren't as bad as some critics says, nor that many.
The worst one was on the sub, I am glad Cogman interrupted that one.
Oh, and Belligerent Sexual Tension trope was not needed at all. Why can't we have movies with relations-ships that don't turn out to be that trope?
Too much humans. The producers, Lorenzo in particular, for some reasons thinks the humans have been in the background the other movies, and are thus pushing them even more in the foreground.
The Nemesis Prime stuff weren't explored enough.
It was too easy to break Optimus free from his mind-control.
Not enough Dinobots.
Unicron weren't explained enough, so many movie-goers ended up thinking he was a good guy, then he's not. Also, I am disappointing that he's Earth, as I wanted him to transform (but it may turn out to be a better twist than TFP did). But, considered he's the Thanos of Transformers, and thus that there are more to him than the planet-eating part, hopefully they don't mess up his personality and stuff in later movies. Also, hopefully, he gets to do much more.

I think that was all. :)

There are a strong possibility that the amount of swearing and sex-jokes are the reason the movie is for teens and up.

Oh, and can someone tell me which one was Steelbane? I first hear it's the pilot Cade meets, and then later I hear it's the one that almost kills Optimus. Which one is it?

Anyway, Then I saw the movie the second time, I noticed Quintessa screamed "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" after she had been turned into electricity and was sucked downwards. I wonder if Unicron got her there. :) Yes, we saw her later, but she may now be his slave and is lying about her mission to those scientists. Next movie will, hopefully, tell.

Oh, and in a sense, the bad guys won. Unicron won, didn't he? Since Quintessa was stopped. ;) Yes, the battle isn't over yet, but you get what I mean. :)
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Re: TF5 post viewing thoughts

Postby cyberwuss » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:07 am

I consider Steelbane to be the one that gives Cade the protective seal emblem. The one that beats up on Optimus toward the end I consider to be part of Dragonstorm.
The coward desires revenge but being afraid to die, he looks to others, maybe to the government of the day, to do the work of defense for him.
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