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Japanese TFP Beast Hunters listings reveal Voyager Shockwave

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Japanese TFP Beast Hunters listings reveal Voyager Shockwave

Postby Sabrblade » Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:04 am

Hobby Ark Toy Store has announced preorder listings for four Japanese Prime Beast Hunters toys, among which is revealed to be a Voyager class Shockwave toy! The other four are Voyager class Hunter Optimus Prime (who will have a different color scheme than the Hasbro version, a blue sword, but still green windows), Voyager class "Dragotron" (Predaking), and Deluxe Class Hunter Bumblebee. All of which are set for release in April.

EDIT: Additional listings for more Deluxes and EZ Collection (Cyberverse) figures have been posted. Through the space bridge for the listing descriptions.

Pre-order open for Takara Transformers Prime Beast Hunters toys is open:

1) G11 Hunter optimus prime, voyager class, price=sgd$60, eta=april

*blue color packaging, paint different from Hasbro. Blue sword & green window.

2) G12 dragotron (predaking), voyager class, price=sgd$60, eta=april

3) G13 shockwave, voyager class, price=sgd$60, eta=april

4) G14, Hunter Bumblebee, deluxe class, price=sgd$35, eta= April

No photos at the moment

Pre-order for takara tf prime breast hunters:
1) G15 Hunter bulkhead (deluxe), price=sgd$35, eta=April

2) G16 Hunter wheeljack (deluxe), price=sgd$35, eta=april

3) G17 Hunter starscream (deluxe), price=sgd$35, eta= April

4) G18 Hunter soundwave (deluxe), price=sgd$35, eta= April

Email hobbyarktoy@gmail.com for order

Preorder for Takara TF Prime Beast Hunters EZ Collection series:

1) EG-01 Convoy, Price=SGD$13, ETA=April
2) EG-02 Bumblebee, Price=SGD$13, ETA=April
3) EG-03 Prowl, Price=SGD$13, ETA=April
4) EG-04 Smokescreen, Price=SGD$13, ETA=April
5) EG-05 Hound, Price=SGD$13, ETA=April
6) EG-06 Tank Megatron, Price=SGD$13, ETA=April
7) EG-07 Starscream, Price=SGD$13, ETA=April
8) EG-08 Airachind, Price=SGD$13, ETA=April

Email: hobbyarktoy@gmail.com for order
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Re: Japanese TFP Beast Hunters listings reveal Voyager Shock

Postby Wing Saber » Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:24 pm

Please have a US release!
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Re: Japanese TFP Beast Hunters listings reveal Voyager Shock

Postby Agent X » Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:37 pm

Wing Saber wrote:Please have a US release!

Once everyone have purchased the Japanese figure, then you have my permission for a US releases
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Re: Japanese TFP Beast Hunters listings reveal Voyager Shock

Postby Blademan91 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:41 am

Sabrblade wrote:Voyager class Shockwave

My precious

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