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Beat the game

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Beat the game

Postby perceptor » Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:02 pm

In my entire life, I have never beaten a video game. Until today! Finished off Fall of Cybertron this evening and wow does it feel good! This game was worth every bit of hype it generated.

Being a video game novice that I am, it took me a few months -with long gaps in playing sessions. But that's alright with me. Contrast to one of the live action films where there's months of nonstop hype then it's over in the span of a few hours. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience the many moments over a long time and for that I'm appreciative! And just like the movies, I'm sure I'll play it again and again. But get to skip my less favorite parts.

I'm guessing others don't agree w/ me on every point, but I feel compelled to outline what I liked most and least about this game:
* playing as Grimlock! Nonstop fun!

* the story. Honestly, I loved parts where it'd say, "Press square to talk to ...(Sideswipe, Perceptor, etc.) I easily enjoyed those moments as much or more than the fighting.

* The character choices. I didn't care if I got to play as every one, but their selection of the Combaticons and Dinobots, (I guess this ties in with the point above) but seeing High Moon Studio's interpretation of all secondary characters like Perceptor, Sideswipe, the Insecticons, even how they incorporated Soundwave's 'data-disk' minions... Absolutely great!

* The artistry! From the epic music to backgrounds and story. It's just so well thought out, and obvious they had both adequate resources to do this project justice, as well as people who really cared pouring their talent into making it.

That Hasbro is making so many great toys to accompany this media! Honestly, I don't think they could make too many FoC toys for me!

My Less Favorite parts:
* I got tired of both the Optimus and Megatron levels. Don't get me wrong, OP and Megs are critical characters. But I found myself having much more fun exploring the Transformers world as some of the less well known guys. the Vortex and Swindle levels were the bomb! Much more fun than the far too long levels of OP and Meg, which got old after awhile.

Bravo High Moon Studios! Please let there be a Fall of Cybertron 2!
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Re: Beat the game

Postby cyberwuss » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:04 pm

Well played perceptor! I am working on the harder skills myself from time to time, I enjoy completing long plays for games I like as much as FOC :D

I agree on the Vortex level, his level was probably my favorite part of the combaticons.

Other high points for me:

*Playing as Soundwave with tape eject ability
*The Metroplex saving Optimus part at the end of first Optimus levels
*Playing as Starscream in one of his plots to betray Megatron
*Looking up from Megatron's point of view after being revived by Soundwave and seeing fists clench at the sight of Starscream leading
*The cliffhanger that maybe High Moon's next game in this lineup will be taking place on Earth!

Out of curiosity... Did you ever complete WFC? It is not as story driven as FOC and takes longer to complete but it is worth completing at least to see the 4th mission on each side (the one before the final Omega Supreme and Trypticon boss levels) the 4th levels of Decepticon and Autobot sides in WFC are amazing :p

The Decepticon side involves crippling Omega Supreme after they defeated Zeta Prime and just trying to survive Omega coming after Megatron and his buddies. There are a lot of King Kong moments in that one heh.

The Autobot side is kind of like the Exodus tie in novel where they invade Trypticon in his orbital station mode, but is more impressive than what the Exodus novel layed out. (The end of that level with the Aerialbots fighting Trypticon in freefall is likely the coolest boss fight in the game heh.)
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Re: Beat the game

Postby Wing Saber » Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:04 am

Grimlock was amazing, my favorite level

One of my favorite parts of the game was the abundance of easter eggs!
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Re: Beat the game

Postby cyberwuss » Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:59 am

I've been getting back into it but I want to play some hardcore mode single player, doing a long play soon but summer is too hot for the parent's PC where I have to play because my older computers aren't good enough.
The coward desires revenge but being afraid to die, he looks to others, maybe to the government of the day, to do the work of defense for him.
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