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Report: Hasbro Toy Design Team Interview

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Report: Hasbro Toy Design Team Interview

Postby perceptor » Fri May 09, 2014 12:01 am

Continuing our coverage of the new movie toy preview, Unicron.com had a chance to interview the staff from Transformers Team design and marketing. Among the highlights of the interview night:

* "Cybertron Monday" is this coming May 12th where AoE toys can be at online retailers. Toys are due to hit brick and mortar stores by Saturday May 17.

* In our first question, we made a sneaky inquiry: "Are there any Age of Extinction toy price points that have not been revealed yet at ToyFair? They answered no. Although there are still many store exclusives that have not been revealed. All the price points and skus have been revealed.
- - So therefore, if Lockdown's ship is Unicron (or some other big Transformer) as some have speculated, then Hasbro has no plans to make a toy of it, unless we're looking at one of the remaining mystery Deluxe or Voyagers... (In other words, don't hold your breath for that!)
- - It also means no AoE Cyberverse scale or Human Alliance toys ... bummer on both counts.

* They also provided us with a nice video highlighting the the recent work done by Transformers design team...
Continue on to the forums to read more Q&A and check out the video...

* Speaking of Cyberverse scale, the team was asked why no AoE Cyberverse? Transformers team replied that they wanted room for other new ideas like Flip-&-Change, 1-step changers, Constructbots, etc... They went on to say that just because no Cyberverse toys in AoE doesn't mean there won't be Cyberverse in other future lines (stay tuned, sounds like they're not done yet...)

* I asked each to talk about their favorite figures in the line and why:
- Josh Lamb toy design lead the flip change Buggati Drift is his favorite. Magic!, repeatable it’s just a lot of fun “Quick Switch Transformer” this set the stage for reimagining much of the line that’s taking place right now.
- Bearded toy designer, who's name I couldn't catch: Grimlock is his favorite, Voyager Grimlock and Deluxe Crosshairs: his cloak is just so integrated into his being... He feels it tells the story of the character. Even for someone that hasn’t seen the film. (Interesting take!)
- John Warden: Hound Voyager is easily his favorite. The former GI Joe designer loves all those weapons. He builds spare kit models in his spare time and wanted to integrate that he level of customizability, vehicle character they love lots of aspects it. He really loves one other particular character in the second wave 1 step changeres. A surprise character, he couldn't say who...
- Jerry’s favorites are the Dinotbots. See them come to life,… The fact that we separate the lines The big Stomp and Chomp Grimlock is his favorite. Showing the mechanisms, being so big and yet so easy to transform is just so fun. Excited to see that come out in the fall. It has a big huge feel to the toy!

* Talked about the challenges to develop the line for multiple age groups. Challenge is to create a product for each of the target audiences. Going for a lot of easy to transform

* Lots of use of softer flexible plastics that allowed designers to get the spikey dino looks. Said how they were excited in reading early versions of the movie info as each character has "their own thing" (Personality!?) Crosshairs the mysterious gangster w/ the trench coat, Hound the grizzly big military muscle...

How do thaty get fired up to design a new BB toy? When you take a character ang get to evolve him. Try to call out a special thing about him in see how he evolves. The This character has become such a whole new entitiy for … really just seeing kids and know how many kids really love and embrace this character. Knowing he’s going to make kids happy. It’ not been tough.

* Really happy to add the rubber wheels and ability to integrate soft plastics into the designs; especially dinobots. They are meanto to look razor sharp and pointy, yet kid safe.

* We have the main big entertainment line. Now we also have our Classic Generations line, working with IDW and more…
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